Gadgets to Spice Up Your Workout

Exercise is great for mind and body, but it can be boring as hell. Herewith, a variety of gadgets to beat workout malaise.

Nike+ iPod Sport Kit ($39)
The Nike+ system combines a sensor that fits inside special Nike shoes with a receiver that plugs into your iPod Nano; the devices record the time, pace, distance and calories burned during your run. The iTunes store also offers Nike+ playlists and workout programs. When Lance Armstrong tells you to sprint, you do it.

Polar F6 Heart Rate Monitor ($119)
The F6’s heart rate monitor calculates how many calories you’re burning, while the watch times your workouts and stores the info. Data can even be uploaded to the Polar website, in case you want to boast very publicly about hitting 180 bpm during your run.

Garmin Forerunner 405 ($349)
It’s a heart rate monitor, time and distance tracker, calorie counter, and GPS system all rolled into one. You can also download recorded courses for your city and race against a “Virtual Partner” on the watch. Warning: it sucks losing to an imaginary person.

Fitbit (US $99)
This is a life tracking gadget. Keep the Fitbit clipped to your clothing at all times to record how much you walk and run, and even the quality of your sleep. (Finally, a way to measure the calories burned by Jimmy legs.) It stores nine days of data and wirelessly uploads it to a website.

Photo courtesy of Jenni on Flickr.

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