Giving the Gift of Sexy

To gift or naughty-gift, that is the question. The rhinestone studded G-string, the purple sex toy, or the fishnets with that thoughtful extra opening. In your mind you’ve picked out her perfect ensemble, but now you’re getting cold feet. To avoid that, follow my guide to guilt-free naughty gift giving.
Start modestly. If she thinks chocolate body paint is the height of bacchanalian fun, skip the Tarzan trapeze and ceiling mirrors. Buy a book on erotic massage, role-play, or fetishism instead, and start on the theory before you move to the practicum. Try Tantric Massage: The Erotic Touch of Love by Kenneth Ray Stubbs or Erotic Fantasies (52 Brilliant Little Ideas) by Sandie Tifinie.
When buying lingerie, make sure you know her size. If your girlfriend is gamine, make sure you don’t buy her a push-up DD. She’ll think you’re wishful thinking. Likewise, if she’s lusciously full-figured, don’t buy the XS pink panties. Which brings me to my next point…
Buy to her tastes, not yours. Most of us don’t dig leopard print unless Dame Edna’s wearing it. And sometimes the overtly sexy isn’t always what we feel most sexy in. Think fabric, simple and classic – an eyelet bra by La Perla or microfibre panties by Calvin Klein.
Take a chance but be nice. The way you introduce your fantasy has effects on how she will take it. Use tone to make her feel beautiful, a creator in the naughty scenario your gift will hopefully inspire. She wants to feel like her feminine wiles spontaneously set off your sparks.
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