Valentines Day Bustier Lace Canada

Ultimate Valentine’s Day Lingerie Guide

Every woman deserves something special for Valentine’s Day that makes her feel attractive and desired. If she enjoys fancy lingerie, there are many options online. But before you add anything to your shopping cart, take some time to consider what type of lingerie fits her personality. All women are different, … Read More

Advanced Bedroom Negotiation

Recently, Vice magazine published an article about the reasons why women are not crazy about a certain sexual practice. Personally, (like I’m going to tell you). This sparked some conversations with my Research Girl Team about table negotiations. In other words, how you negotiate your wants/needs/kinks with a partner so that both sides feel … Read More

Sin City North: Naughty Toronto

Known mainly for being a Canadian business and culture hub, Toronto also has a reputation for being a straight-as-an-arrow city. Simply put: It’s not a destination choice for Canadians seeking a sinfully sexy time; nothing comparable here to the topless breakfast joints and car washes of Montreal, nor the tie-me-up … Read More

Giving the Gift of Sexy

To gift or naughty-gift, that is the question. The rhinestone studded G-string, the purple sex toy, or the fishnets with that thoughtful extra opening. In your mind you’ve picked out her perfect ensemble, but now you’re getting cold feet. To avoid that, follow my guide to guilt-free naughty gift giving. … Read More

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