Home Theatre Sound for Condos

According to George Lucas, “Sound is 50 percent of the movie-going experience.” Thankfully, for condo dwellers, big sound doesn’t need to come in a big package. Rather than clutter your small space with metres of wire and five or more clunky speakers, transform your living room into an intimate home theatre by pairing your hi-def TV and Blu-ray player with one of these space-saving sound systems.

Small but Potent: Sony HTCT
This soundbar / subwoofer combo delivers rich sound that outperforms many a costly multi-speaker system. Don’t let the lack of a subwoofer fool you; this baby packs just enough bass response to make action-flick explosions rumble without shaking your windows – or annoying your neighbours. $499.99

The Smartest Speaker: Yamaha YSP 4000
Two woofers and 40 tiny drivers in this potent speaker bounce sound off your living room walls to simulate true surround sound. And though the technology’s sophisticated, set up is not: Plug in the supplied microphone, and Yamaha’s sonar-like IntelliBeam technology will read your room, calibrating the unit for optimal performance. Plus, the unit is easy to connect with an iPod or XM satellite radio. $1599

The World’s Comfiest Home Theatre: BodySound Home Theater Recliner
With speakers in the armrests, seat cushion, backrest and headrest, this luxe Italian leather recliner delivers an unparalleled home theatre experience. Even at low volumes, the seven-point speaker system envelops you in sound, so you can helm the Millennium Falcon all night – without waking your wife. Our favourite feature, however, might be the six preset massage patterns, which, like everything else, are controlled with a handy touch-screen universal remote. $5,995

Image courtesy of B Rosen.

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