How to Carry Your iPad in Style

The arrival of the iPad has presented men with a new challenge: How the heck do you carry it around? The first answer is simple: In a protective case; you don’t want that $879 touch screen crashing to the ground. Where you put that case – in a man-bag, a murse, or a surprisingly stylish, iPad-friendly coat – is up to you.

Nedrelow BOOK
With a faux hardcover linen book-cloth outside and a snug wool felt sleeve inside, this handcrafted case conceals your Angry Birds addiction with class. Bonus: For another $20, you can add a custom logo and text. $99 – $119

HardGraft Tilt (pictured above)
Handmade in Italy, the lightweight Tilt pairs durable, classic grey wool and brown leather with interesting design: the back rolls up to form an adjustable stand. Pre-order only. $112

Templebags Re-Purposed Canvas Case with Pocket
Made in L.A., this highly functional bag – offering both vertical and horizontal stands and a padded shoulder strap – features gorgeous oiled leather and canvas salvaged from old World War II garb. It’ll pair perfectly with your Barbour coat – or your Call of Duty app. $185

Incipio Destroyer
This ultra-durable case unites function with form, offering clumsy dudes a sleek glass-reinforced nylon shell and shock-absorbent core, ensuring your iPad will survive long enough to be called retro. $80

Vers Shellcase
Available in cherry, walnut or bamboo, this rustic case is practical – it includes a metal foot and moisture-resistant clear-coat – and eco-friendly: For every tree Vers chops down, they plant 100. $80


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  1. By simply not carrying an ipad I dont have this trouble! They are junk. My Blackberry does everything the ipad does and more! The Blackberry Torch! (The i stands for idiot!) LOL

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