Apple Park Employees Keep Walking Into Glass

Apple Employees Keep Walking Into Headquarters’ Glass Walls

You would expect a company like Apple Inc. to have sleek headquarters that hint at their technological prowess. You wouldn’t expect it to be harmful to employees and visitors. People are experiencing problems with the new $5 million Apple Park in Cupertino, Califorina—they’re walking into walls and doors that are … Read More


Qualcomm 5G Devices Coming Soon, But Where Are Apple & Samsung?

While we’re getting closer to a 5G network, we’re still a little way off. Qualcomm recently announced that it’s working with various phone manufacturers to release it’s Snapdragon X50 5G NR modems next year. Qualcomm leads the market in 3G/4G cellular radios that connect smartphones to cellular networks. 5G networks … Read More

Strong growth in wearables continues year over year

You’ll likely see many more Apple Watches – and other devices like them – as the number of wearables bought by consumers continues to rise by more than 18% a year, a growth rate that means the number of wearables sold between 2016 and 2021 is posed to more than … Read More

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