Meeting Women: 5 Things You Can Control

I was out for dinner with a girlfriend recently and we spent a big part of our meal talking about our waiter, who we rated a solid 8 out of 10… until we noticed his jeans. He must’ve stolen them from his very large buddy because they hung off of his butt, creating a disturbing turkey-neck wobble every time he moved.  The point is, he could’ve kept that solid 8 since he had control over this part of his looks (the pants part) but he ruined it. Such a small thing, but it made a huge difference — once the jeans flapped by, we recoiled in mild horror and focused entirely on our meal. For fashion advice I suggest the DailyXY Summer Style Series, but here are five more areas of which you have total control and women notice (based on very serious scientific research I conducted).

No, you can’t help your hair genes but you can help yourself by getting an appropriate haircut and hairstyle for your situation. Balding? No fluffy tuffs but Bruce Willis. Hairy? Forget Gel Town but mess it up à la David Beckham. Do you look like Mario Balotelli? Do whatever Mario Balotelli does — just because you can.

The rooftop party was slick-pretty, complete with triangle drinkies, chill out groves, and there was this cute, smart, sweet guy… and there we were, about to cuddle on a little leather couch, and my date leaned in to say — whoa, flashback! You know that philosophy prof we all had in first-year uni, around whom everyone was breathing via their mouth because to smell him was to die? Anyway, one word: Clorets.

(Speaking of) Smell
Cat Marnell recently retweeted this and I can’t agree more: “’@UrbanFacts: Women are more influenced by how a man smells rather than how he looks.’”

True story # 2: Johnny Depp has a limp handshake. A friend who shook hands with him told me, and I haven’t recovered since (and to think that Johnny and I were going to marry!). You don’t need to be a bone-crusher but don’t pass women a drunk jellyfish instead of a hand, even if you’re Johnny Depp.

True story # 3: Cute, smart, awesome, single, kind guy once wore Crocs on a date. And then he died. Just kidding. But seriously, there’s nothing worse than ugly sandals. Okay, ugly sandals may be worse, but what guy would do that to himself?

Image courtesy of celine nadeau

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