Spending New Year’s with Your Girl

Ah, the end of the year is here and you’re still wondering what to do with your woman to celebrate it in style and move your fabulous selves into 2009 in fantastic spirits. I have a wide range of good and really bad New Year’s Eve memories, so here are five suggestions, filtered to perfection just so you don’t have to go through the bad ones.

Last-minute solution. Even if it’s something as simple as cooking her a nice supper, do plan at least a day ahead (today!) and don’t count on the miracle of last-minute extravaganza party invite. Please, get booze before the eve – Dial-a-Bottle is very busy on the 31st.

Don’t bar hop. Again, spontaneity is great any other time, on New Year’s it may be deadly. All spontaneity will ensure is that she will be very angry and very cold standing in her high heels in a snow bank, waiting outside of the club in the middle of the longest lineup in the universe (that’s any lineup).

Don’t chase parties. If a party sucks mildly don’t think you’ll necessarily find a better time at the next place. Wait till past midnight, plant a big, wet kiss on her lips and then suggest leaving. She’d prefer that than celebrating in the cab in the middle of traffic.

Don’t get smashed. The temptation will be there, sure, but know your limits and curb your party animal instincts as much as you can. The worst disaster is a passed out date, right before the ball drops. If you do that, don’t be surprised if you get left.

Night on the town. If you’re on a budget, go somewhere inexpensive for a celebratory dinner (try to call around for cancelled reservations – this year, there’s still room and last-minute deals), followed up by a walk amongst sparkly, drunken crowds up to your town’s city hall to check out the New Year’s Eve countdown with the peasants.

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