The DailyXY Guide to Shorts

Now that global warming has officially arrived and we’re basking in the pre-apocalyptic glow of late spring, it’s time to turn our attention to shorts. Few articles of clothing baffle guys so much. Gentlemen who wear tailored suits and slim-fitting jeans all year seem to fumble when it comes to shorts, often turning their backs on all principles of tailoring and fit, and throwing on a pair of baggy, utilitarian cargo shorts. This summer, avoid their fate with these stylish pairs.

Subtle Stripes
Because shorts are smaller than pants, it’s easier to pull off plaids or stripes. To wit: Club Monaco’s subdued Luke Cotton Oxford Short. $69

Club Monaco Shorts

Beach Boys
Casual, comfortable shorts don’t have to be ugly. J. Crew’s lightweight beach shorts offer a drawstring, flap pockets and a dose of timeless summer style. From US $39.95


Standard Seersucker
It takes balls to pull off a suit made of seersucker – a light, puckered cotton that’s almost always striped – but anyone can (and should) wear seersucker shorts. We like American Apparel’s version in blue and white. $52


Short Shorts
Who wears short shorts? If you do, then opt for these Dries Van Noten Block Print shorts (pictured above), which offer a high fashion taken on formal, tailored shorts. Suntan recommended. $385


Sporty Shorts
For days when afternoon Frisbee blends into backyard cocktails, these cuffed terry cotton shorts from Band of Outsiders unify pragmatism with a tailor’s attention to detail (note the toggles). US $192



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