St. Patrick’s Day Style Suggestions

When it comes to greening up one’s look on St. Patrick’s Day, any plebeian can hit the dollar store for a clover-coloured fright wig or a glitter-bombed plastic leprechaun hat. But you’re the type of St. Paddy’s partier who’ll pass on the food-coloured pitchers of Canadian in favour of a … Read More

The DailyXY Guide to Shorts

Now that global warming has officially arrived and we’re basking in the pre-apocalyptic glow of late spring, it’s time to turn our attention to shorts. Few articles of clothing baffle guys so much. Gentlemen who wear tailored suits and slim-fitting jeans all year seem to fumble when it comes to … Read More

Calgary’s Best Vintage Clothing Stores

Oscar Wilde once said, “Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months.” It’s an amusing thought, but it overlooks another truth of fashion: What goes around inevitably comes around. Here, Calgary’s finest spots for vintage clothing. Oscar would approve. At Divine, … Read More

The Skinny on Swimsuits

It’s properly balmy, and swimming season is in full swing, which means that unless you find a very convincing flesh-toned wetsuit, it’s going to be tough to conceal the fact that your physique isn’t quite geometrically perfect. Luckily, you’ve got us to bring you the tips – and suits – you … Read More

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