How to Survive PMS

It’s a cliché that rings true: No matter how lovely your woman, there’s a very good chance that for a few days every month, she turns into an unpredictable bag of mood swings. Only the strong survive; here’s how.

Know the Signs
Anticipate her schedule so you don’t get caught off-guard: Pre-menstrual stress can hit up to 10 days before the period. In addition to the emotional symptoms – mood swings, fluctuating libido – there may be physical ones, such as headaches, bloating and – your silver lining – breast swelling.

Don’t Abandon Her
She’s telling you to leave her alone, and while this would seem like the perfect opportunity to hang with the guys, it may not be. She might really be craving a night in with a movie. (No tearjerkers, though – she’s emotional enough.)

Check Your Urges at the Door
Even though she hasn’t started her period yet, she’s probably not feeling very sexy. Don’t try to initiate – leave the ball in her court. However, offering a candlelit massage is perfectly acceptable. (This latter tip applies at all times.)

Food for Thought
Food cravings and aversions are common during PMS. Don’t surprise her with Chinese takeout; ask her what she’d like to eat – and don’t forget the dark chocolate. If she’s already moody, herbal tea might be a better choice than wine.

Think Before You Speak
She can blame everything on PMS – her bloated belly, her breakouts, her bitchy mood. You, however, cannot. Even. Mention. It. Simple rule of thumb: Never breathe those three loaded letters.

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3 thoughts on “How to Survive PMS”

  1. Got to be kidding huh !!!!! So a man has to go tiptoe around and kiss this insane out of control female’s butt . ??? For nearly half the month ???? I mean it. .. I realize there’s been alot of these female supremo things lately … Why not , for once, teach all females to tread the line dealing with their men when in such PMS hole And learn to make living more palatable for both huh ? I am getting tired of hearing all this female needs and female sickness and all with all these demands. Not natural at all. WE as men are more than willing to help out on few spots.. More over. Remember . It’s her body. Her going through the messy time She should’ve lerend how to deal with it wihtout precipitating it on a man. She”s the one that needs to control herself more than ever .

  2. This article SUCKS! What a man hater! So, we’re supposed to tip toe around women and be careful because she can blame everything she does on PMS? Screw that! The woman writing this article has no idea what she’s talking about. This article makes it sound like women are children who need to be coddled. I agree with Gycle when I say that she’s got to be kidding because us guys shouldn’t have to put up with this kind of abuse or childish behavior from any grown adult, or read about how we should just bow down to our women in a men’s website. Relationships are a two-way street but she’s only going one way and sounds like a real loser who’d be an awful girlfriend. This is bad advice from a shallow egotist who thinks her shit doesn’t stink. My advice to guys? Don’t listen to this, she doesn’t have a clue. My advice to anyone dating this chick, run!

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