The Scents of Summer

When choosing a scent, it’s easy to get bogged down in marketing speak. We cut through the BS to bring you the true essence of four summer fragrances.

John Varvatos Artisan
The Pitch:
The rattan-encased bottle signals its return to old-school artisanry.
The Truth: Even if the flask-like bottle fails to make you nostalgic, the fragrance is rich and masculine, but not too heavy. Citrus notes give it freshness, while the woody-amber notes keep Artisan from being overly sweet. $99 for 100 mL at Holt Renfrew

Nautica Oceans
The Pitch: With the salty-sweet note of “Regatta Accord,” Oceans unifies man and water.
The Truth: Aside from your spiritual connection to the sea, the water-based formula is eco-friendly and kind to your skin. Plus, bottling the ocean gives you that classic, fresh-off-the-yacht smell. $75 for 100 mL at Sears

Burberry the Beat
The Pitch: The Beat is the olfactory intersection of fashion and music: The perfumers apparently listened to the Arctic Monkeys mid-concoction.
The Truth: Notes of citrus, violet and vetiver (an Indian grass) balance pepper and woody notes to give the Beat a sharp, edgy scent — you’ll smell like a rock star without reeking of cigarettes and booze. $90 for 100 mL at Holt Renfrew

Dior Homme Sport
The Pitch:
A passionate celebration of cars, racing and men who race cars…passionately.
The Truth: The convoluted marketing metaphor belies an uncomplicated fragrance: Though “ginger oatmeal” and “sour citrus candy” sound quirky, the combination translates into a light, classic ginger-dominated scent. $96 for 100 mL at Sephora

Image courtesy of Groovenick.


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  1. Burberry Weekend is also great for the summer. It can be bought very modestly (the recession is still on) at many drug stores including Rexall.

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