The Sharpest Coats for Spring

Unpredictable spring weather poses a unique problem for the practical urban gentleman: What coat to wear? It’s got to be robust enough to stand up to chilly gusts and rain, yet light enough to keep you comfortable when the sun pokes through. And, of course, it’s got to look really, really good. Here, five of our favourites.

The Modern Trench: J. Lindeberg Coat
This Swedish number is a slimmed-down take on the classic trench, with a thin silhouette and lapels to match. Breathable, lightweight nylon means you’ll be vulnerable to neither rain nor sweat. $395 at Anti-Hero and elsewhere.

The Daddy Mac: Wings + Horns Ventile Field Mac
Absurdly high quality is the objective of this Vancouver-based brand, and this rugged micro-cotton coat – immune to water and wind – achieves the goal in spades. $480, Nomad (Toronto) and elsewhere.


The Swedish Steve McQueen Coat: H&M Biker Jacket
A close-cropped, Belstaff-style biker jacket for under $100. Once again, H&M has nailed a trend – and priced it for the masses. $80 at H&M.

The Gentleman’s K-Way: Burkman Bros. Nylon Hooded Windbreaker
New York-based Canadians Doug and Ben Burkman have produced a subtle, sophisticated windbreaker. Incredibly lightweight and fitted with pit vents, it’ll take you from the track to dinner, though we recommend a shower in between. $215 at Holt Renfrew.

Burkman brothers

The Urban Warfare Jacket: Krane Waxed Cotton Field Jacket (pictured above)
This jacket, designed by rising Toronto fashion star Ken Chow, is made of waxed cotton; it’s light, durable and deflects rain. It features Chow’s signature attention to detail: Look inside for leather straps that let you wear the jacket as a backpack. $705 at Delphic, UPC and TNT (with apologies; Toronto only).


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  1. You forgot to mention in the top paragraph that one must also have a pretty high income to afford such coats.

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