Top Five Kitchen Non-Essentials

Last week, we looked at kitchen essentials – things every sophisticated, food-savvy man should own. But then, life isn’t merely about the essentials, is it? It’s about luxury. And indulgence. And deep-fried Mars bars. Thus, we present this list: Five awesome kitchen items that are not remotely essential, but that you should probably get anyway.

A Deep Fryer
Sure, it might clog up your arteries, but it will open your eyes to a delicious world of southern-fried chicken, yam frites and, yes, deep-fried Mars bars.
The Pick: Delonghi Duel Zone 4L Deep Fryer (pictured above). $79

A Panini Press
It’s a law of nature: Sandwiches taste better when they’ve been pressed. This will not be the most versatile item in your kitchen, but it might become your favourite.
The Pick: Breville Ikon Panini Grill TG425XL. $120

A Bread Maker
Why do women always run from your house as soon as the sun rises? Could be because you don’t have the smell of fresh bread filling your home, thanks to your bread maker’s handy timer. Ya. That must be it.
The Pick: Breadman TR555LC Deluxe Rapid Bread Maker. $95

A Raclette Set
What other appliance is a built-in party? Just add guests – and chopped veggies, meats and cheeses – and raise a glass to the Swiss.
The Pick: Swissmar 8-Person Raclette Grill with Granite. $139

A Meat Grinder/Sausage Stuffer
With this toy, not only can you say you spent your weekend stuffin’ sausage, but you can also spend your weekend stuffing delicious sausage.
The Pick: Cusinart Stainless Steel CMG-100C Grinder. $100


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  1. I love a meat grinder, but, believe me, the Cuisinart you mention would be my “last choice”. I owned one & promptly got rid of it. The reviews attest to that fact!! It doesn’t cut right and makes a mess of raw meats. My number 1 choice is the Kitchen Aid Professional, 10-speed mixer-processor with sausage grinder attachment and sausage stuffer …. the best product on the market!! And price can be very indicative of quality, as is the case here. Your choice is a piece of garbage!!

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