Top Ten Fashion Mistakes

When I say that there are some things men should never wear, let me be clear: By never, I mean never around me. And never in a social situation. Of course, some rules were made to be broken. But if you’re going to wear a man purse, you’d better know what you’re doing.

1. Sport Jerseys: They’re borderline acceptable at sporting events or in your basement; anywhere else screams “Sigma Pi Delta Rules!”

2. Speedos: Some call this skimpy swimsuit sexy, but that’s doubtful, even on European beaches. Stick to trunks.

3. Double denim: Wear jean jackets with caution – many tend to look feminine – and never with jeans (see Tuxedo, Canadian).

4. Fur: Cruel to animals, and to women.

5. The Man Purse: Fashion designers have given this a real shot, but no over-the-shoulder carrier looks even half-hunky.

6. Capri Pants: You’re probably better off wearing the nine other items on this list.

7. Overalls: Never, unless you are a) in a boy band or b) a painter.

8. Sandals: If you’re not at the beach, ask yourself: Is showing us your feet helping your cause?

9. Pleated Pants: They’re outdated and bulky looking. Go with slim, flat-front pants.

10.Trucker Hats: Ashton Kutcher may have ruined this forever. But let’s be clear: This has never worked.

(Photo courtesy of Alan Light)


2 thoughts on “Top Ten Fashion Mistakes”

  1. Too harsh, Hannah! Double denim may be making a comeback. Vintage fur can be ok. And you obviously have never seen me in a Speedo!

  2. I don’t care what people say. When it’s cold outside, a fur hat keeps me warm. Rabbit or beaver are great.

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