Underpants Unlimited: A Modern Guide

Revamping the wardrobe can consist of investigating trends, a few new shirting purchases and perhaps splurging on a pair of boots. Sensibly, buyers will often focus on the season ahead—prepping for severe Canadian shifts in weather—but what about items you’re wearing all year ‘round? Below, much-needed tips on restocking the most important basic:

Tight and White
Some men swear by supportive underwear, and who’s to blame them? With a man’s silhouette being one of his finest qualities, you don’t want anything left unchecked—especially a misplaced bulge. But when everything’s kept in such close quarters, you might want to go with materials that are truly up to the task. Keep your eyes out for fabrics like Modal or Lyocell: both textiles are exceptionally breathable and resistant to shrinkage (which may or may not help elsewhere). Ideal for slimmer-fit chinos, hosting bachelorette parties and late-night pool hopping.

The Grey Area
Boxer briefs walk the line between a firm grasp on your junk and letting it all hang out. While both boxers and briefs have their pros and cons, we like to think of the boxer brief as the best of both worlds. Ed Liston, Merchandise Manager of Harry Rosen’s Designer Collection, advises to buy with stretch in mind. Luxury brands like Hugo Boss or Burberry offer cotton/lycra blends for a “supple, rich feeling,” allowing for a closer cut without the discomfort. If your short game is already on lock, try experimenting with prints: polka dots don’t just look great on a tie.

Tall, Dark and… Outdated?
If you’re like every other boxer loyalist, it’s going to be hard to convince you to go another route. Many men don’t like feeling constricted, we get it, but be advised: Full-blown boxers will require a little more attention to detail — they can be boring as hell. You still want to look sexy strutting around in your skivvies, so focus on slim-cut boxers with a shorter leg. Not only will they fit better under tailored clothing, but your dame will be trying to steal them for sleepwear.

We’ll let Liston take this one: “Oh, man. I would only say you’re giving up comfort. I don’t care if you’re the biggest fashionista out there — you still want to be comfortable down there. Maybe if you were in a lost city… No, there’s no reason to go commando.”

Image courtesy of Calvin Klein.  


1 thought on “Underpants Unlimited: A Modern Guide”

  1. I switched from boxers to trunks (shorter briefs, exactly like in the image) about 6 years ago when my ex suggested I give them a try. Ever since trying them I’ve fallen in love with them. While before I was worried about discomfort, I love the solid feel and “cuppage” they provide, and now I find boxers quite uncomfortable! I only own a few pairs of boxers now, and I don’t know why, because I don’t think I’ve moved them in 2+ years.

    There’s also the added benefit of, if you have a nicely toned body, these will just make it look that much better! Also, if she wants to borrow a pair, they won’t hide too much either. 😉

    I’d personally recommend every guy give them a shot. Make sure you get a pair that is as seamless as possible, and the elastic band isn’t too big. I prefer when it’s about half an inch wide, while I do take issue with some of the ones that come in at like an inch to an inch and a half. Also, a blend of cotton and lycra/nylon/spandex will make them fit super nice!

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