• Holiday Food Drives: Charities need cash, not cans
    Michelle Haskins, December 12, 2017
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What Women Want: A Gifting Guide for the Holidays

Some women live for the holidays. Others find them commercial and oppressive. Determining where your girlfriend falls on the continuum between these two extremes is the first step in choosing an appropriate gift. Here are some tips for types: Holiday Hater She grimaces at cheery music, avoids malls, and is … Read More

Affordable Vintage Wines

From Chablis, the area 180km southeast of Paris and a northern part of Burgundy, comes La Chablisienne, Vieilles Vignes, Chablis 2004 (942243) for $21.95. It’s pressed from 50 year-old vines that yield a more concentrated juice, by one of the best wine cooperatives anywhere, and is rated as a ‘Smart … Read More

Booze Delivery in Calgary

Picture this: You’re sitting around with your family during the holiday season and your wife/mother-in-law/crazy Uncle Bob has driven you to drink all the beer in the house. What do you do? Consider us Santa having come early with our list of fine Calgary establishments that will deliver booze right … Read More

Online Sex Talk

For most guys, the topic of women bringing up sex too soon appears to be a non-issue. But for most women, sex talk too early on is the online dating equivalent of Internet pharmacy spam clogging up your inbox. It’s annoying, unwelcome, and we can’t imagine that anyone would actually … Read More

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