Beach Reads for Boys

We present you with our list of books for guys that you won’t find promoted by the weepy Opraphilic media. Angels of Death: Inside the Bikers’ Empire of Crime, by William Marsden and Julian Sher: A follow-up to the bestselling The Road to Hell: How the Biker Gangs Are Conquering Canada, the new book scrutinizes one Sonny Barger, media-friendly U.S.

How to be a DJ

We know you fantasize about being a DJ: you practice that nonchalant head-nodding and headphone-clutching in the bathroom, don’t you? You’re picturing the sea of hands in the air and the big cheer as you kick the bass in. The DJ has replaced the guitarist as the contemporary uber-chickmagnet. Now that music has gone digital, you can actually be a

Chinese with an Indian Twist

Toronto, in all its multicultural glory, can also boast of the most interesting multiethnic variations on ethnic food. Fans of Chinese and Indian food may already have heard of Indian Hakka cooking. The Hakka of China, part of the Chinese diaspora, migrated to coastal cities in the Caribbean, Africa, and India. Calcutta boasts a two-hundred year-old Chinatown called Tangra, where

Recipes to Get You Laid

Salade Nicoise, a summer classic from the south of France, has a thousand permutations but after much experimentation this is our favourite. And despite its simplicity, we think it’s guaranteed to impress her. Tuna Two 6 oz inch-thick Tuna Steaks (only buy line-caught from a reputable fishmonger like Avenue Seafood, Pisces Gourmet or Wholefoods) 3 tbsps reduced-salt Kikkoman soy sauce

In Film: At War

The human cost of war is the topic du jour in Hollywood these days, as well as on the indie doc circuit, where journalist Scott Kesterson gets under the skin of a soldier in At War, a documentary inspired by a year the Portland, Oregon-based freelance photographer spent embedded with Canadian troops based in Afghanistan. It’s also very much the

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