Toyota Drops Hints Of New Model Production In Canada

A new Toyota model may be produced in Canada, but no details about the vehicle have been released. A Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada (TMMC) spokesman told Automotive News Canada that the automaker will “make an announcement once this decision has been made.” It’s unclear whether the new vehicle would replace one … Read More

Cell Phone At Gas Station

Go Ahead, Use Your Cell Phone While Pumping Gas In Ontario

If you’ve ever thought twice about using your cell phone while gassing up your car, you can rest easy. A new report finds that they pose very little fire risk at the gas station. The Canadian Fuels Association commissioned a report by U.S. engineering consulting firm BakerRisk to assess the … Read More


Spring And Summer Sizzling With Big Names, Big Concerts In Toronto

With spring actually arriving and the last remnants of winter melting away, music fans can think of warmer weather, outdoor concerts and a horde of big-name talent coming to Toronto the next few months. Here they are roughly a dozen of the can’t miss shows that see everyone from Fleetwood … Read More

Toronto Commute

Remote Workers And ‘Super Commuters’ Earn More Money

These days, more and more people are working from home or enduring 90-minute plus commutes. Many are doing a combination of both. These types of employees are also making “significantly more money than their peers,” according to a new study. A 2018 study found that Toronto was the worst city … Read More

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