Government of Canada, Employee Misconduct

Rate Of Government Employees Dismissed For Misconduct, Incompetence, Increases

Government employees are increasingly getting fired for misconduct and lacking the ability to do their jobs. Data obtained by CBC News show that the government … Read More

Scotching the Myths: 5ish Facts You May Not Know About Whisky

Considering the obvious occupational hazards, Gordon Dundas of Glengoyne single malt scotch whiskies is remarkably well put together. Is it fate or serendipity that I’m … Read More


Owning An iPhone Is The Number-One Sign Of Wealth

iPhones and other Apple products are correlated to greater wealth, according to a new paper by the National Bureau of Economic Research. “Across all years … Read More


Things You Shouldn’t Say During Your Divorce

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drake breaks records

Drake Breaks Major Beatles Record

Drake is on fire right now. The Toronto-born artist recently set a worldwide record with his latest album, Scorpion, by reaching 1 billion streams in … Read More

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