Montreal To Offer An Electric Scooter Ridesharing Program

Would you like to ride a scooter to work or to meet friends for cocktails? The city of Montreal and its transport minister have approved an electric scooter share service for residents and visitors. It will be fairly simple to access. Users find a scooter using an app, and they … Read More

Red and Blue Art

Blue And Red Paintings Make More Money At Auctions, Study Finds

Many factors contribute to a painting’s value, including the artist, the subject, and the history of the artwork. Colour is also important. A new study finds that abstract paintings dominated by blues and reds sell for significantly more money at auction than paintings made with other colours. The findings were … Read More

LinkedIn app

New LinkedIn Salary Tool Could Make You More Money

Are you thinking about furthering your career by finding a new job? Whatever your motivation is for moving on, LinkedIn has created a new tool that could potentially help you earn more money. Salary is one of the biggest factors in job seeking. It’s the number-one career motivator and one … Read More

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