Driving to the Liquor Store, Episode 6: 2019 Honda Fit

The point of this series of articles is to shine a touch of reality into car reviewing. Few drivers race their daily beater at the track on weekends, or across the Gobi Desert in winter. For most of us, driving’s a mundane necessity no more notable (or less important) than … Read More


Self-Driving Cars Will Likely Drive Up Traffic Levels, Study Finds

The benefits of self-driving cars include safer roads, less energy consumption, and a decrease in pollution levels. However, the convenience of autonomous vehicles may actually increase the time people spend in their vehicles, which will affect traffic levels. According to researchers from the University of Michigan, the AV benefits “could … Read More

Avoid Using These Rock Band & Musician-Inspired Passwords

Security experts are once again reminding people not to use basic Internet passwords, and that includes the names of your favorite bands and musicians. Some of the most-hacked music-related passwords are “blink182,” “metallica,” “slipknot,” “eminem” and “50cent,” according to the U.K. government’s National Cyber Security Center. NCSC recently released a … Read More

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