Meteor Shower

Impress Your Friends By Purchasing An On-Demand Meteor Shower

A Japanese aerospace entertainment firm, Astro Live Experiences (ALE), has been working on an artificial shooting star project that will allow the super-rich to order meteor showers on demand. A satellite hovering 220 miles high in the sky will deliver the light show in summer 2019. The spacecraft will output … Read More

Summer Pursuit ticket

Send Your Name To The Sun Like William Shatner (For Free)

William Shatner is sending his name to the sun, and you can too. The Star Trek star’s moniker will be included on a microchip that will catch a ride with NASA’s Parker Solar Probe (SPP). The probe will be studying the star this summer. “The first-ever spacecraft to the sun, … Read More

NASA Has ‘No Idea’ How It’s Returning To The Moon

NASA is going back to the moon, but no one seems to know how. In December, President Trump signed a directive to “refocus America’s space program on human exploration and discovery” starting with the moon and later transitioning to a mission to Mars. The goal is ambitious because even those … Read More

Astronauts of the future may “sail on light”

Before you start imagining pirate ships, cyborgs, and aliens like in Disney’s Treasure Planet, let’s get a few things straight… Astronauts of the future will almost all be robots and spacecraft will not begin to look like old-school pirate ships anytime soon.  However, they just may have a sail on … Read More

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