Interview: New JFK Conspiracy Book Shatters Myths

It’s the mother of all conspiracy tales – the assassination of President Kennedy. It’s a whodunit that’s been debated for nearly six decades. Was it Moscow, the CIA, the FBI, Lyndon Johnson, Fidel Castro, the mob? Or was it a lone nut, Lee Harvey Oswald? Ottawa-based Fred Litwin’s latest book … Read More

People Pay More For Personal Touch on Celebrity Memorabilia

We pay a whole lot of money for celebrity memorabilia; Steve McQueen’s jacket from Bullitt was expected to go for up to $800,000, last we checked (and then stopped checking, since that’s a tad out of our price range). So what gives? Why not just get a replica, which is … Read More

Beer, Wikipedia, and the Battle Over JFK’s Legacy

Easy Money – New Yorker “They were giving away money. That was the reason I took the long subway ride from Brooklyn to Harlem one Sunday morning in August. Once I arrived, though, it was all too clear that I wasn’t the only one who had heard about the opportunity. … Read More

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