Alberta Racist Woman

What That Viral Racist Denny’s Video, And Our Reaction, Says About Canada For Better And Worse

Many of us want to believe that we live in a “Meanwhile in Canada” meme, a multicultural mosaic that keeps the racism of our southern neighbours over on their side of the border. Not all of us get a choice, unfortunately, and this week’s viral video of a racist woman … Read More

2014 GMC Sierra 1500 First Canadian Drive: Alberta Bound

GMC’s engineers have rethought this year’s iteration, outside and in. On first viewing, the 2014 Sierra is bolder, more pugnacious looking than the 2013 model—like those huge Australian ruby players who, despite their height, still retain a low centre of gravity. Beneath the hood the 2014 Sierra comes with your … Read More

2012 Calgary Stampede Insider’s Guide

Inside the most urban guy is an inner cowboy who longs to trade in his cubicle for wide open spaces and to break broncos instead of crunching numbers. Luckily, the upcoming 100th anniversary of the Calgary Stampede (July 6 — 15) is riding up on the horizon. It may be your first … Read More

Driving Distance, Calgary: Airdrie

A few years ago, Airdrie was North America’s fastest-growing city and the once sleepy community (a 15-minute drive north of Calgary) has ballooned from some 8,000 people to nearly 50,000 citizens, in just a couple of decades. The population influx is partly attributed to Calgarians moving to Airdrie for a … Read More

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