The Modern Man’s Guide to Naked Girls Reading

It’s all in the title: it tells you who’s doing what, and how they are doing it, but even so, despite this simplicity, it’s still mysterious and strange. Naked Girls Reading is a group, an event, an idea; it’s exactly what it sounds like and has found success and support … Read More

The Guy’s Guide to Burlesque

Somewhere between the familiar and the foreign, the pop culture mainstream and its recesses, and every bit both exotic and erotic, lies burlesque. It’s an art form as varied as any other, with a range of styles and powered by a myriad of emotions, though still it’s often misunderstood and … Read More

Sin City North: Naughty Calgary

Don’t be fooled by Calgary’s conservative reputation: There is a decidedly adult community slowly emerging from beneath the cowboy culture that made our city justifiably famous. If you’re looking to mix it up a bit, many interesting shops, entertainment opportunities and experiences await. Shop Start slow with one of the … Read More

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