Canadian Bitcoin Stack

Canadians’ Ownership Of Bitcoin Nearly Doubled In 2017

The number of Canadians who own bitcoin almost doubled in one year, according to the Bank of Canada, which recently released the Bitcoin Omnibus Survey. Canada’s central bank conducted the research with the intention of identifying “the driving reasons for ownership during the sudden rise in Bitcoin prices” and to find … Read More

Michael J Fox

Michael J. Fox Is America’s Favorite Canadian

There’s a bit of tension between Canada and the United States these days due to differing trade policies and other factors, but many Americans still consider Canada an ally and a friendly country. In a new poll by YouGov, Americans overwhelming chose Michael J. Fox as their favorite celebrity. Seventy-three … Read More

Prince The Black Album

‘Impossibly’ Rare Prince Album Surfaces In Canada

L.A.-based memorabilia company Recordmecca recently put a Canadian-made vinyl copy of Prince’s The Black Album on the market. The record is so rare, many didn’t even know it existed. “Nobody’s ever heard of a Canadian one,” Recordmecca owner Jeff Gold told CBC. “It’s literally one of a kind.” Prince reportedly … Read More

team canada hockey 2018

Meet The Team Canada Hockey Roster

There are officially 25 men on the Team Canada hockey roster but most people would be hard pressed to name one of them. With no NHL players taking part in the this year’s Winter Olympics, Canada and many other countries, are being forced to look way down the depth charts … Read More

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