Red Deck of Cards

Decks of cards are dime a dozen on the net—so why are we talking about this red deck ($10)? Honestly, we just think they look sweet. Also, we don’t know if no suit colours would help us or hurt us when we’re playing Texas hold ‘em—but we’re willing to place … Read More

Bacon Playing Cards

If you’re not the kind of guy who goes with badass playing cards but is obsessed with bacon, along with the rest of the internet for some damn reason, here’s what you need: bacon playing cards. And also another bacon-based card game. The brain child of Wesley Klein of Baconery … Read More

Man Cards

We like these cards. They’re cool. They’re masculine. However, we can’t say we’ve ever been struck with anxiety over picking the right card, like the guy in this video. Why not just pick a card without any text, grow a pair, and put those modern calligraphy lessons to use, dammit? … Read More

Where to Play Poker in Vancouver

Playing poker online and around your buddy’s kitchen table can be fun, but the real excitement is in casino poker rooms. Here, the best spots to go all in. Edgewater Try your hand at no-limit hold ’em, pot limit Omaha and daily early-bird tournaments in the only poker room in … Read More

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