New research shows the simple way to get better service in bars and restaurants

Have trouble getting good service in restaurants? Does it seem like you’re always waiting for the server’s attention or that they seldom offer you another drink when your glass is empty? The problem could be your outfit. Science says that what you’re wearing when you go out affects how restaurant … Read More

Powerlifting Tips from the Pros

Two weeks ago, 240 competitors put their brute force to the test at the Canadian Powerlifting Championships.  After the meet, we caught up with champion Dave Walters (M1 40 & Over) in search of some tips to improve our own workouts. Lifting a total of 1,841 lbs – Squat 678 … Read More

Signs She Wants to be More than Friends

Billy Crystal, in When Harry Met Sally, famously said, “Men and women can’t be friends.” And yet, so much of modern life defies this notion. Take, for example, your own close female friend. She watches sports. She drinks beer. She is, to you, one of the guys. And that’s how she sees you, right? Maybe not. … Read More

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