Eco-Friendly Alternatives to Burning Wood

Everyone loves nestling up to a warm fire on a cold winter day. It’s the first way humans generated heat and it provides lovely ambiance, but it has its drawbacks. Wood smoke isn’t good for our health or the environment because it contains a range of chemicals and gasses like … Read More

House of Marley Canadian Launch in Toronto

“Come feel the positive vibrations,” promised the invitation to the recent Canadian launch event for House of Marley. We always vibrate positively at the thought of free drinks, and the choice of locale, Ultra, one of Toronto’s elite supper clubs, was another lure. Besides, as a lifelong fan of the … Read More

Sustainable Style: Eco-Friendly Cars

This marks the final installment of our month-long series on sustainable style, which has been brought to you by Cromwell & Cruthers, an eco-friendly, 100 percent natural shaving oil. This week, the Urban Driver — Steven Bochenek — writes on eco-friendly cars. You wouldn’t know it from Jack Bauer’s soothing … Read More

Sustainable Style: The Best Green Gadgets

It’s hard out there for gadget-loving dudes. Sorting through each gadget’s sexy, novel, or really-actually-quite-useful features is tough enough; nowadays, conscientious consumers must also weigh the thing’s eco-friendliness. Here, the next generation of eco-friendly gadgets. Solar Ovens Forget that charcoal barbecue. Not only does grilling with charcoal release carcinogens into … Read More

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