Jennifer Lawrence, and More

Beyond Mt.Gox – Reuters “Mt. Gox, at one time the biggest bitcoin exchange, abruptly stopped trading this week amid reports on the internet that more than 744,000 bitcoins – worth around $380 million at prevailing rates – had been stolen. If accurate, that would mean around 6 percent of the … Read More

How Changed Libel Laws Unmasked Rob Ford, and More

Aboard Brand Italy – Monocle Welcome to diplomacy in the 21st century. Where once major powers used their navies to project strength and force others to toe the line – Commodore Perry’s black ships opening Japan to trade by gunpoint come to mind – countries are now finding less intimidating … Read More

The Modern Man’s 7 Best Weekend Reads

Sun Myung Moon’s Lost Eco-utopia – Outside Magazine Before he died, the founder of the controversial Unification Church send a bunch of his followers into the jungles of Paraguay. Here’s how that worked out. Kill These Characters at your Own Risk – The New York Times Killing off a beloved … Read More

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