You’ve Got Encrypted Mail

Entertaining web personality and possible supervillain Kim Dotcom has announced a new venture to go along with his file-sharing service, Mega: encrypted email. Mega has astronomical growth, reaching 3 million users since it launched in January. This has encouraged Dotcom to expand into end-to-end encrypted email. He says, “we’re going … Read More

The Life and Times of Danny DeVito

Danny DeVito is sort of the drunken, hilarious uncle we wish we had… then again, we may just be confusing him with his best character, Frank. Unsurprisingly, the five-foot-nothing actor best known for his turns in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Batman Returns and L.A. Confidential (and who could forget Twins?) admits his … Read More

Trump Spits His Whisky

The previously cordial relationship between Glenfiddich and Trump has soured. A few days ago, we mentioned that Michael Forbes, a farmer fighting a land dispute with noted hairpiece Donald Trump, won a Scottish popularity contest sponsored by Glenfiddich. In an uncharacteristically reasonable response, Donald Trump has declared the award “an … Read More

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