Unless you have one of those nutty unfolding outdoor TVs, it’s time to redo your entertainment room. Clocking in at fifty-five inches, LG’s Curved OLED TV ($15,000), which just launched in the US, aims to combine stringent energy efficiency with impeccable picture quality.

What kind of energy efficiency? It’s picked up an Energy Star label, perhaps owing to the fact that it’ll cost about eighteen bucks a year to power.

Now, the fun specs. What’s an OLED TV? Without getting into the chemistry (you can do that here), an OLED TV works without a backlight, allowing for deeper blacks on its display, which improves its contrast over, say, an LCD TV, so it’s colours are more vibrant and its tones richer. OLED TVs are also thinner. This one’s the width of three credit cards.

[youtube width=”640″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7f9C3nNmMig[/youtube]

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