Calgary’s Best Haircuts

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Whether you’re a no-nonsense, neat ‘n’ short kinda guy, or a locks-in-the-wind free spirit, sooner or later, a haircut is in your future. But that doesn’t mean you should trust your mane to any yahoo with a pair of scissors. Here, Calgary’s finest cuts.

Fringe Hair Company
Clientele: Skinny jean-wearing hipsters
Artsy types and cool kids flock to these self-described men’s hair experts not only for of-the-moment styles, but also for the legendary scalp massages. After the cut, enjoy a warm rinse to get rid of the “itchy bits.” From $41. 2609 14th St. SW, 403-245-6232.

Jim’s Barber & Hairstyling
Clientele: Lawyers, bankers, “Mad Men” enthusiasts
Jim Lawn has been working his chair here for 38 years, offering the classic barber shop experience. Come for an old-fashioned shave, or a no frills “Mad Men”-style cut. From $16. 317 19 St. NW, 403-283-3777.

MVP Hair for Men
Clientele: Sports nuts
Sunday afternoons are great time for haircuts, but, arguably, a better time for watching football. Worlds collide at MVP (pictured above), where the game is always on their flat screen TV. Show up early? Waiting for highlights to set in? Play the Xbox or sidle over to the foosball table. From $28.50. 1163 Kensington Crescent NW, 403-270-9593.

Eveline Charles Salon Spas
Clientele: Sensitive, wealthy or occasionally indulgent guys
Soft lights, babes everywhere and a man-friendly spa menu that offers everything from massages to pedicures to facials. Just remember to get that haircut. From $35. Three locations.


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