Why Learn to Shave with a Straight Razor?

The fine art of shaving with a straight razor is something few men today bother to master, unlike our great grandfathers who had no other option. But today in the twenty-first century the straight razor shave is making a comeback.

Whether it’s a relaxing hot towel shave at the barber, or if you’re doing it yourself at home, a straight razor shave is a meditative and manly experience. Some men who master straight razor shaving begin to collect razors. Before long, they come to own far more than they would ever need. Indeed, straight razor shaving can become a hobby, or even an obsession, for some people.

Maybe you’ve always been too worried to try straight razor shaving because you’re afraid you might cut your beautiful face. After all it’s called a “cut throat razor” for a reason. But it’s actually a lot harder to cut yourself than you might think as long as you execute the proper technique and use a very delicate touch. The following reasons might convince you to switch to the straight razor.

1.It’s Economical

The gear that you need to get started out is a bit pricey, but once you have everything you need you’re set for life. Never again will you need to buy those expensive razor cartridges at the drug store. A well kept straight razor can last over a hundred years.

2. It’s Green

Shaving with a straight razor produces far less waste. Not only are you avoiding disposable razors and replacement blade cartridges, but you also aren’t going through cans of shaving cream which produce even more garbage. Modern shaving creams are nothing more than chemical goop that can be bad for the environment once they wash down the drain. The soaps that you use to lather your face with a straight razor shave are biodegradable, and they also soothe and clean your skin.

3. You’ll get a Closer Shave

Once you have mastered the technique, you will get a much closer shave than you ever would with a safety razor. Also, if you’re going to shave off a beard, doing so with a safety razor is nigh-impossible. The blades will keep getting clogged with hairs, but with a straight razor that won’t happen since there is only one blade.

If you’re a beginner to straight razor shaves, you’ll need to invest in a shaving kit to get started. Get a straight razor with a rounded end. These are safer and therefore better for beginners. You can also find razors with sharp square ends, but these are for experienced shavers. Check out sites like Classic Edge Shaving and Classic Shaving to see what’s available.


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