Silver Underwear

Silver is normally something you’d see in jewellery or kitchen utensils. But now Naked, a clothing manufacturer based in Abbotsford BC, is weaving the precious metal into its underwear. Proven effective by Olympic athletes, US Special Forces, and NASA, Naked’s Silver line up is made with fabric spun with ninty-nine per cent … Read More

The Do Not Wear List

There are certain things that a grown man with even an ounce of fashion sense should not include in his wardrobe. These things will detract from your style rather than add to it, so if you regularly wear any of these items you might want to reconsider putting them on … Read More

Get Fit Without The Gym

With the way the world is today we spend so much time sitting on our asses in front of either a TV or a computer screen, so it’s important to make a concerted effort to get up and move. That’s why fitness gyms are such a huge industry. But getting … Read More

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