Review: Brickell’s Travel Products

Some people love the idea of free grooming supplies at hotels. As for us, we can’t see getting excited about thimble sized shampoo and conditioner—besides, we like to know what we’re using. That’s why we’ve invested in some travel-sized grooming supplies from Brickell.

What We Like

The size, duh. 59mL is a pretty convenient size for dopp kits, gym bags, hiking backpacks—whatever.

We fly overnight, so again, the size. Note that most airport security likes to keep liquids under 100mL.

Natural and organic ingredients. Back when Brickell first came out, we couldn’t say enough about their use of things like aloe, eucalyptus, antioxidants, jojoba, and more. Spoiler: we still love their commitment to all-natural ingredients.

You can buy one time or subscribe. Need to re-up every thirty days, forty-five, sixty, ninety, or one hundred and twenty? Take care of it once and never think of it again.

What We Don’t

Price. No doubt about it: buy a premium product, you pay a premium price. If you’re worried about buying and not liking it, though, you can get a pretty cheap sample kit. And as a bonus, you even get ten bucks off your first full-sized purchase.

The Canadian dollar. Dammit, Ottawa. Make it easier for us to buy sweet American swag.

Bottom Line

We aren’t in university anymore, so hitting the gym isn’t an excuse to skip shampoo, visiting a hotel isn’t an excuse to compromise on quality, and a few nights camping doesn’t mean we can live like wild men. Thanks to Brickell’s travel products, we camp like wild men who smell very nice.

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