Standard Apparel Spring Preview

You’re tired. Tired of trudging through dirt-stained snow and slipping on ice. Tired of shovelling and salt stains. Tired of winter winds lashing at your fingers and your face. Well, spring is here. So toss old or unwanted items and restock your wardrobe for the warmer weather.

Here’s what Standard Apparel is stocking this spring:

Filson Journeyman Jacket – Seattle Fit ($340)

Button up this trucker-style jacket and brace yourself against the spring breeze. Caught in an April shower? This piece repels water. The journeyman jacket boasts wrinkles and creases, but they’re of a recent vintage. Its rugged good looks can absorb a beating and it comes in blue and brown. In the arms and sleeves, the jacket clings closer to your body. Tuck your tools in any of the six pockets. Now flip up the corduroy collar and sleeves and go to work.
Also available at Motoretta, The Shop Vancouver, Hills of Kerrisdale.

Todd Snyder + Champion Reverse Weave Sweatshirt in White ($175)

Maybe the expensive activewear scene makes you cringe. I get it. You can buy a basic Champion Reverse Weave Crewneck Sweatshirt for less than $40. But it’s not gonna be anywhere near as soft. When you glide it over an Oxford shirt, you’ll look and feel frumpy. This special collaboration is made in Canada, is 100% cotton, and has a fleece interior. It isn’t basic and neither are you.
Also available at Due West Next Door.

Randolph Engineering 23K Gold Plated Aviator, Grey Polarised ($289)

Here’s what I know: The United States military buys Randolph sunglasses. There’s a 200-step process to make each pair. Don Draper of Mad Men wears Randolph Aviators. One more thing: Randolph will repair or replace any broken solder joint for the life of each frame (within reason). If it’s good enough for a fighter pilot, you can see clear with these on your head.
Also available at Vue Optical Boutique.

Filson Roll-Top Backpack ($425)

Consider yourself rough and rugged? Try this tan and brown rucksack. With a roll-top snap, you can cram it full of stuff you’ll need for a day and you should still have plenty of space leftover. The snap closure and buckle keeps your stuff from spilling out and you can access the main compartment via a side zipper. Got a lot in your bag? Rest easy: Padding for your back and shoulders adds comfort. Inside, the bag’s lined and you can secure your laptop in a special pouch. Fashioned from saddle-grade Bridle Leather sourced in the US of A, this bag’s ready to hold the things you’ll carry.
Also available at, Motoretta, Hills of Kerrisdale.

Pierre Hamilton is a freelance writer from Toronto, where some of his best friends describe him as an acquired taste. He enjoys bourbon and scotch, but craves craft beer, overproof Jamaican rum and great non-fiction. He has a very limited style knowledge but knows what he likes. He also produces a monthly music podcast called Sound Considerations. Follow him, but not too closely, on Twitter.
Photo courtesy of Standard Apparel

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