Plastic Bag Ban

New Montreal Plastic Bag Ban

As of the new year, Montreal implemented a plastic bag ban – the first major Canadian city to do so. Former mayor Denis Coverer’s administration passed the bylaw in 2016 and current Mayor Valérie Plante is moving forward with it. The new bylaw bans lightweight plastic shopping bags, specifically ones … Read More

Sword & Plough Bags

To “beat swords into ploughshares” is a Biblical reference, but one needn’t know that to appreciate the idea of taking something from the military and converting it into something peaceful. Sword & Plough’s idea is to completely embody that concept. Their stylish bags are made from recycled military surplus gear, … Read More

Herschel Supply Co. Spring 2013

We’re big fans of Herschel Supply Company‘s line of cool yet not stupidly-priced backpacks and bags. Our “Settlement” backpack and “Ravine” duffel served us well on a recent-ish overnight trip to New York. No baggage check required. Unsurprisingly, we’re already excited for what Herschel has in store for Spring 2013. … Read More

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