Top Montreal Haircuts for Guys: Old School

When it comes to haircuts, it’s sometimes best to keep things simple. Browse some vintage Playboys while you wait. Then, the usual cut. Just make it look neat. Twenty minutes, in-and-out. No lollipop required at the exit, but they’re there, anyhow. Here, our list of Montreal’s top old-school barbershops. To follow shortly, Montreal’s new-school barbers.

Menick Barber Shop
Established in the ’60s by barber and sports fanatic Dominique Perazzino, this shop — decked to the nines with sports memorabilia — is a sports fan’s dream. To wit: the floor is a replica hockey rink. $21, 1960 Masson St., 514-598-0467.

Gino and Dino Barber Shop
Located in the Ruby Foo’s Hotel, this shop is known for its thorough and meticulous straight-razor shave. Warm and friendly, this shop offers the ultimate, authentic, old-school experience. $40, 7655 Decarie Blvd., 514-739-3888.

Montreal Barbershop
With an approach as ornament-free as its name, this traditional barbershop offers a solid cut with no pretense. Tony, Gino and Sam have been at it for nearly 40 years, so you know they’re doing something right. Plus: damn good espresso is on offer. $15, 8699 Viau Blvd., 514-321-1078.

G&G Barbershop
For a mix of the traditional barbershop ethic with a contemporary touch, head to G&G, who do straight-razor shaves, tight, short styles and, if you’re so inclined, exceptional detailing. From $20, 28 Des Pins Ave., 514-844-4384.

Les Barbiers
With a healthy assortment of high-end hair products from the likes of Matrix and American Crew, this Mile-End barbershop offers everything from traditional crew cuts to off-kilter bed-head, and everything in between. $18, 2292 Mont-Royal Ave. E., 514-526-7630.

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  1. I went Les Barbiers after reading this, and the “guy who does straight razor shaves” cut my face up so badly that I had to reschedule a meeting the next day. I think he used a brand new razor without breaking it in at all, which goes to show he has no idea what he’s doing. Had this been a pre-wedding shave, I would have sued them. Also, don’t bother going there is you’re an Anglophone (this is an English article, after all) unless you want to sit in silence or listen to people gossip in Quebecois french.

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