Toronto Manscaping

Many guys only impression of waxing is that scene from the 40-Year-Old Virgin but the process is much simpler, and thankfully, less painful than Judd Apatow would have you believe. There are obvious benefits to waxing – no Cro-Magnon man unibrow, better definition on your chest and, well, making your junk look bigger – so we spoke with Lexi Miles, owner of Toronto’s Waxon Wax Bar (a reference to The Karate Kid, we’re hoping) to see how guys should prepare for their first time at Wax.

“We’ve got almost 25 per cent men coming in now,” says Miles. “It’s nothing to be embarrassed about. We’re seeing guys more comfortable with coming in and asking questions and I will tell you, guys actually do get the manzillian [the male version of a Brazilian, natch].”To get ready, Miles suggests guys come in early and apply their Numb Nuts cream. The 4 per cent lidocaine concentration helps numb the area. She also says you should trim the area beforehand: “The longer the hair, the more it hurts, so trim the hair to about ¼ inch – that gives access to the hair without too much length getting in the way.” Guys should also exfoliate to remove dead skin before their appointment, another way to cut down on pain. And afterwards, exfoliate again, within 24-48 hours of your appointment (trust us, you won’t want to any sooner), with a light touch – you’re trying to prevent ingrown hairs, not peel your skin off.

Here are a few other options for male-friendly wax spots in Toronto.

Fuzz Wax Bar
701 Queen St. W., 647-748-3899

Waxon Wax Bar
1246 Yonge St., 416-924-4929

Novo Spa
66 Avenue Rd., 416-926-9303

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