Who Is Montreal’s Best Tailor?

Behind every great man, they say, is a great woman. Truth is, there’s probably a great tailor there, too.

That’s because every man is different, which a tailor understands. He knows that no matter how much you spend on a suit, you won’t look like a million bucks until it’s tweaked to make you look your finest. In his hands, a $200 suit can look like a $1,200 suit. Without him, that $1,200 suit may look like a $200 suit.

But finding the right tailor isn’t easy. The high-end retailers may have some masterful tailors in-house, but you need someone non-partisan; someone without any allegiances that could interfere with his single, all-important goal: making you look your best.

If you’re fortunate enough to have such a man in your life, then please, help your fellow readers by telling us about him. We’re asking you, the guys of Montreal, to send us a few words about the greatest tailor (or tailors) that you know. We’ll include him in a soon-to-launch GuyMap of the city’s finest tailors, complete with feedback from you, our natty readers.

To submit a name, post a comment on this story or send us a direct message on Twitter @DailyXY. Submit a name and you could win a Fujifilm FinePix F70EXR — a super-sleek, high-performance digital camera that retails for $300.

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32 thoughts on “Who Is Montreal’s Best Tailor?”

  1. My man is actually a lady!!! I’ve got this very old lady living just behind where i live that adjust any suit i bring her to my size. She’s awesome! once i brought her a suit that i had for cheap but was way to small for me. She managed to make it fit my size which was an exploit. Mme Auger we love you

  2. I’ve had some great experiences from TONY Custom Tailoring on Stanley Street – the guy behind is Dax Giunta, the 3rd generation to head up the biz. He’s the only one I found who understands how to comine the age-old tradition of fine tailoring with trendy and modern cuts/styles.

  3. Go see the team at Clusier habilleur in the coolest menswear shop in the city. Pierre-Benoit Duhamel, Matthew Davignon and Richard Schmeller will not only ensure your alterations are perfect and on the dot, they will ensure what you wear with the suit is in complete harmony to make a dashing statement. I tried many other tailors mentionned here, but no one truly understands contemporary menswear like this team. The website is http://www.clusier.com

  4. Tony’s on Stanley !!!

    The best custom clothier in town.
    Every man needs at least one elegant, high-quality suit. Whether it’s for business attire or a special occasion, we all need one suit that sets itself apart from the rest.


  5. Just as the “Bored” said on the 22nd of February, it seems to me like all at least the majority of these entries are bias…

    i’m shocked to see that no one even mentioned names such as Harry’s on Peel, Russell’s on rue de la Montagne or Arthur on Crescent, I’ve tried all 3 as well as others, and I’ve decided to stick to Arthur’s on Crescent for his specialty in both bespoke shirts and suits, for their knowledge, taste, service, approach, and craftsmanship and humbleness, not to mention they’re the actual craftsmen not salesmen, you’re not pushed or pressured to buy particular items!!! … only a handful of tailors are still around that can make a garment with a piece of fabric from scratch, and most of the name that were previously mentioned aren’t part of them

    search online for “tailor” or “shirt maker” in Montreal or anywhere else in north america for that matter and you’ll only find a handful of shops who actually do their own work…more than half of them deal with companies such as Coppley and others as well…they’re a group of salesmen who are in the business to make money by taking wrong measurements (mainly caused by their lack of knowledge) and contract their garments to above mentioned companies AND… aren’t even able to do alterations themselves they have to send the customers garment to a dry cleaner or alteration place who charges them a very small amount and supposedly, for Pete’s sake…they can’t even hold a needle in their hands! and then of course in that same category you will find ready made or off the rack type of stores who advertise as tailors and tailored or custom garments for men only because they can pin up the cuff of your slacks or sleeve of your shirt or jacket and get it altered, by some joe blow whom you’ll never get to know, hoping that he/she delivers a ready to wear garment that’s gone through a minor surgery to fit you “well”

    i suggest you shop around the city, look for those who have in house shirt makers and tailors who have and make their own patterns and garments, and who stock fabrics

  6. Here is my list of Montreal’s best, based on my own experience,,,

    Harry Rosen
    Russell Custom clothing
    Pellegrino Castronovo couture

  7. Could you tell me how much does it approximately cost custom-made suit in Montreal?And for how long does it take?

  8. 2000-3000$ should make it…

    iurgan Sunday, 3rd 2010 October at 6:37 am

    Could you tell me how much does it approximately cost custom-made suit in Montreal?And for how long does it take?

  9. I happen to know of Montreal’s hidden secret and his name is Rudolf Popradi. He just launched his own tailoring business. He is one of the few Bespoke master tailors who does everything from scratch. Just like the tailors in Saville Row, he does everything from start to finish in his home base studio. He works alone so he is demand. Check out his website at
    www. rudolfpopradi.com

  10. I did not have much experience with the tailors in the Montreal are but Pelegrino Castronovo is very good. great style, exquisite taste

  11. no doubt that the mentioned tailors are all well respected. I have been in the menswear luxury industry for over 20 years, the absolute best BANG FOR THE BUCK is Paolo Cioffi of Boutique Moda. Absolute gentleman and the most luxurious fabrics for custom tailored clothing and fabulous shirts as well! 8559 Saint Laurent

  12. I am surprised at the posts about Tony the tailor…

    I know a few men who have suits made there, (very few) and I always thought they looked frumpy… The proportions, the details, the execution of the suit… everything was always odd. No surprise here as their suits start at around $595.00. There is only so much work and quality you can expect for a custom suit at that price… By the way, their claim to make a “bespoke” suit is false, those suits are “custom- made” or “Made-to measure” but the term “bespoke” should be reserved to suits made by much more skilled and trained people with much higher quality materials.

    I have met Dax Giunta at fashion week a few times and I can assure you that this men knows nothing about fashion, he is an MBA from York university in Toronto and has been working in advertising at L’Oreal and Publicis without success… The only reason why he is now working at Tony the tailor is because the shop belongs to his father. Also, I must say, I have never seen him dressed in a proper suit… he has a very liberal way of mixing colors and patterns which makes taking him seriously almost impossible…

  13. Oddly enough, Candace Shinkoda who recommends Tony the Taylor is a very good friend of Dax Giunta. Someone named Jonathan Brunet (My first name is Jonathan and My mother’s name is Brunet) praised tony the taylor… Coincidence???

  14. If a true Bespoke suit is what your heart fancies, then I suggest you check the website of ww.rudolfpopradi.com probably one of the few remaining Bespoke tailors who can claim that his suits never leave his hands. You will find very few tailors even in London Savile Row who can make this claim. Most Bespoke suits today are created like the garment industry, a lot of people who only know one thing but none of them knowing it all. Don’t expect Rudolf suits to come cheap. He only sews 24 full Bespoke suits a year so if he can fit you in your lucky…

  15. in Montreal its pellegrino castronovo by far,even in Canada.,i been getting suits off of him for 7 years, he is the closest one that could make me look like James Bond.

  16. I purchased many many suits from Ralph Guinta 20 years ago or so that were thought many times by my fellow board members to be to be worth 3X or 4X the price I paid. I give Ralph all the credit in the world for helping me dress for success and achieving  significant professional and personal accomplishments.

  17. Can an unbiased person post a list of some of the best tailors in the down-town Montreal area?

    Can someone also indicate what is the general cost for a bespoke suit here in Montreal (I am a young professional working in the corporate world. I just moved to the down-town Montreal area. In my line of work, image is EVERYTHING, we wear suits as “uniforms” where I work).

    • Indo is utter crap. 

      Proper Suit is actually bespoke light, they have 3 showrooms now. Proper Suit is real quality and they are really fun and hardworking.

  18. I have had one jacket made and a suit currently being tailored for me by Rudolf Popradi. Frankly, I doubt if there is anyone out there to equal his work. I suspect the main reason for the quality of his workmanship is that unlike even Saville Row , London,  tailors he is both cutter and maker so that the garment is measured and made by the same pair of hands. In the other scenario the person actually making the garment has never seen the customer and so lacks knowlege of the client’s shape and stance –as opposed to merely their measurements. In any event, whatever the reason, his garments seem unparalled for cut, fit and craftsmanship.

  19. I’ve heard great things about Rudolf Popradi. He even has a video on youtube. Just enter his name and you will see a real craftsman in action. It is easy to see that he is a real genuine bespoke master tailor. I’ve seen many videos but none quite like this.

  20. Hello Sebastien,

    would you mind sharing where I can find Mme auger, I have some work for her.


  21. I would recommend Mark from Atelier Tailleur Mark. He is really well-known and he’s been around for decades. He used to have a place on Ste-Catherine but moved to Crescent now, and a lot of the clients followed. They have an independant store but he takes care of Ogilvy’s tailoring as I understand (that’s how I was referred). Seriously good quality work, and it’s next to where I live downtown

  22. that guy is a joke i called him we schedulled and appointement than he keeps cancelling on me and finally after a year he asks for 3x more money…

  23. Alter shopping around for years, I found Arthur on Crescent to
    be the best in Montreal for bespoke suits and shirts.  They actually took the time to take every measurement
    possible to ensure that the suit or shirt fits me comfortably. A unique experience
    that no other tailor provided at the time.  Since then, now almost 8 years, I have been a
    loyal customer to them.  Every time I
    need a new suit or shirt, I just have to take an appointment with them and they
    give me the executive treatment.  I get
    to choose from their new collection of fabrics, accessories, and now shoes.

    You really have to pass by their store on Crescent and
    witness their expertise first hand before you make your mind on the best tailor
    in Montreal.  Even their website provides
    more insight into bespoke tailoring than the others. Visit http://www.arthurinc.ca

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