Who Is Toronto’s Best Tailor?

Behind every great man, they say, is a great woman. But the truth is, there’s a great tailor there, too.

Because every man is different, and a tailor understands that. He knows that no matter how much you spend on a suit, you won’t look like a million bucks until it’s tweaked to make you look your finest. In his hands, a $200 suit can look like a $1200 suit. Without him, that $1200 suit may look like a $200 suit.

But finding the right tailor isn’t easy. The high-end retailers may have some masterful tailors in-house, but you need someone non-partisan; someone without any allegiances that could interfere with his single, all-important goal: making you look your best.

If you’re fortunate enough to have such a man in your life, then please, help your fellow readers by telling us about him. We’re asking you, the guys of Toronto, to send us a few words about the greatest tailor (or tailors) that you know. We’ll include him in a soon-to-launch GuyMap of the city’s finest tailors, complete with feedback from you, our natty readers.

To submit a name, post a comment on this story or send us a direct message on Twitter @DailyXY. Submit a name and you could win a Fujifilm FinePix F70EXR – a super-sleek, high-performance digital camera that retails for $300.

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93 thoughts on “Who Is Toronto’s Best Tailor?”

  1. My vote would definitely go to Paul’s Tailors – he has distinguished himself as a top tailor and services some very high profile clients. Just check out the website and you will see what I mean !


    I use him personally whenever I purchase a new suit – he tailors it for a custom fit. Also when I need repairs or alterations on old suits I’ll use his services. I don’t purchase suits often but when I do I’m sure to tweak it with a visit to Paul’s.

    3691A Bathurst Street,
    North York, ON M6A 2E6
    Paul’s Tailors

  2. “no matter how much you spend on a suit, you won’t look like a million bucks until it’s tweaked to make you look your finest.”

    ah..no. A tailor should know that you look your finest in a bespoke suit, not by buying an off the rack suit and having it tailored.

  3. Easily David Andrews in Downtown Brampton. It has that small store vibe where you’re “one of the guys” and they remember what you already own and who your friends are so you don’t end up wearing the same tie to the same event. They’re funny as hell too and you can drop in to shoot the sh!t too. Truly a great shop. They may not readily have the same HUGE selection of bigger stores but I guarantee their service is second to none 🙂

  4. Don Fabien Lee – of Trend Custom Tailor, Toronto’s finest bespoke tailor for men who seek a sleeker more fashion forward silhouette. He makes a classic suit look fresh and contemporary. Unless you’re a label junkie, bespoke all the way over something tweaked or fitted off the rack.

  5. I have to second Michael Griffiths’ comments. Don Fabien of Trend Custom Tailor leads the Toronto charge for bespoke suits. There is no other place like it in the city, from friendliness, to detail, to the customization of each piece. Hands down the best!

  6. I can’t wait for the full list to appear. I don’t have the cash for bespoke, but would like to have my Zara suit fit a bit better on me.

  7. The best tailor, (now retired) is/was Stavros Theodorpolous. His shop is still running today on Cumberland. Stavros is one a dying breed, a master tailor. His first shop in Canada was on Church St and his last location, still open under his name but run by others is on Cumberland and Bay.Before he came to Canada he was tailor to the Greek Royal family.

    There’s no doubt that his fine tradition and workmanship is carried on by the new owners but he was truly a “master”.

  8. 2nd post:

    For me it is important to have something fit properly no matter what size you are – a suit which contours your body accordingly will make an enormous difference on appearance.

    My personal favourite would be – Paul’s Tailors & Alterations Center – Owned and operated by two brothers, both Harry and Jack have been in the tailoring business for over 40 years. Both indeed have mastered the craft that demands the utmost detail and professionalism.

    Have a look on their website for a list of high profile clients they have serviced: Wayne Gretzky, Eric Lindros, Sergei Federov and even Tommy Hilfiger himself!!!

    I have had made-to-fit suits tailored through them and have used them for various alterations. Making the whole experience painless for me all the time. I have tweaked rack suits completely with their help making it fit like a glove and look fantastic !!

    I don’t think you will be disappointed with their service and incredible reputation.

  9. Definitely Paul’s Tailor on Bathurst Just south of Wilson in North York. Great work done there. I have been going there for my entire life (28 years) and I know my Mom and Grandmother have been taking stuff there for way longer.

  10. Anthony on the second floor of The Colonnade on Bloor St. he does work for the entire strip mall below him including Chanel, Louis Vuiton and Prada.

  11. Steve of Steve’s Tailors @ 962 Bathurst
    He’s been in the business for years and has catered to celebs like Lennox Lewis and Donovam Bailey. A rare and true master of the craft.

  12. The Stiches location in Bramalea City Centre can work absolute miracles, which is surprising for a chain location.

  13. Without a doubt Bulloch Tailors in downtown Toronto is tops in Toronto. The extremely difficult they do right away and the impossible takes about 15 minutes.

  14. I was referred to go and see this tailor shop for my wedding suit after seeing my co-workers suit it looked great i made an appointment and my teeth dropped talk about a wall of fame
    worth the drive to Woodbridge. Figliano Custom Tailors number One in My Books.

  15. Chances if you watch both NHL and NBA someone is wearing a Figliano Custom Tailored Suit just ask Sam Mitchell
    Andrea Bargnani , Jose Calderon, Jim Todd, Doc Rivers, Micheal Redd, Larry Harris, Bob Lanier, Jamario Moon and about 25 teams he has players, coaches and agents not bad for a tailor shop in Woodbridge. Figliano Custom Tailors

  16. The finest tailor in Toronto by far is Ross Figliano of Figliano Custom Tailors in Woodbridge, Ontario. His tailoring is exquisite, his selections of the finest cloth is remarkable and the tailoring of the bespoke suits are “old world”. I found out about him by reading a Toronto Life article about the best dressed man in Toronto in 2007. That man was Sam Mitchel, former coach of the Toronto Raptors. In the article, Mitchell gave all of the credit to his extraordinary tailor, Ross Figliano. With a recommendation like that, I couldn’t help but try him. I have been so happy with the results! He is truly the best tailor in the City!

  17. Without a doubt, Figliano Tailors are the best tailors in Canada.
    I have been going to them for 20 years and they make fantastic suits that would cost double or triple the price in New York or Chicago. The shop is full of photographs of clients and athletes and sports memorabilia. Ross will give you great advice on style. Five star service and selection.

  18. Walter Beauchamp on Wellington west of University. Good enough for military brass for the last 100 years, good enough for me. Getting your suits done there is a bit like learning a secret handshake as well. When you have one, you’ll know.

  19. I have to say Joa at Gotstyle on King Street in Toronto is my favourite tailor. His suits are well constructed and designed and I always enjoy working with him.

  20. I would say Thomas K T Chui on Broadview. He’s made suits for former prime ministers, governor generals, and makes beautiful suits.

  21. John De Laurentiis at Le Firme in Richmond Hill is nirvana. They make the entire suit. Do not know if the do alterations on outside stuff, but man! what a body style and the linings wow! Ask for the De Laurentiis Signature it is the best Bespoke suit out of Europe or London

  22. I can’t say about Toronto, but Modernize Tailors in Vancouver (in Chinatown) are the real deal. I recently hada sports jacket made by them and it was superb

  23. Father and son team Ricardo and Richard Espinosa in Yorkville have recently struck out alone after years of propping up celebrated Toronto houses. Their work is honest, stylish and won’t break the bank.
    Espinosa Master Tailor, 50 Cumberland St 416 921 9931

  24. I went to Paul’s Tailors based on the recommendations here – they indicated they only do alternations 🙁

    I have had suits done at SH Custom Tailor ( Spiros). I have been very happy – They have great cloths and fabulous customer service !

  25. The Best tailor(s) is hard to find because is not only they can make a great garment. it is important that they can make a beautiful garment that fits and feels great on.I am not talking about tailors that do alteration. I am very hard to fit and had very hard time to find a tailor or you call it bespoke tailor, they say they are the best and in the end I had nothing but disappointments even from very high end places that do charge lots of money for their work. I found Isaac Ely and was very impressed. he does great work and I believe he put his soul in to his garments. i think he is like tom ford in design and truly understands how the cut of the garments should be on a person.

  26. Greenshag is the BEST place to get bespoke in Toronto. Victoria McPhedren is an absolute genius. They create unique shirts, cufflinks and gorgeous suits. You can sit there and drink beers while talking about the history of mens fashion and politics with her and the crew. One of the best experiences of my life. 416.360.7424

  27. My friends and I have been to dozens in the city, non can compare to HABIB! Honestly we think he is a hidden gem in the city, i don’t know why anyone else hasnt submitted his name here. I take all my suits to him as soon as i buy them, i trust nobody else so far. He serves big name clients which is surprising why nobody even mentioned his name, last time i was in there he had government MP’s he was fitting.

    I take all my jeans and pants to him as well, him and his wife do the best european style shortening, they makes it look like it hasn’t even been touched.

    He doesn’t charge enough as well, i keep telling him to increase his prices. He’s a very talented man.

    He has two shops close to downtown:

    1. V I P Tailor & Dry Cleaners
    344 Harbord st.
    (416) 535-4887

    2. UNIQ Tailor & Dry Cleaners
    1092 Bathurst st.
    (416) 536-5664

    I’m not too sure about the first address though just google maps it.

  28. The best tailor is not in Toronto but rather, in Montreal and his name is Gino Marinaro. I’ve been going to him for suits for more than 25 years and the cut and quality of his work is admired by all who see his suits and his fellow tailors, who laud his craftmanship. He is located in the heart of Montreal’s Little Italy near the corner of St. Zotique and St. Laurent. The name of his store is Gino The Tailor. Disregard the exterior look of the store because you will not be disappointed with the look of your new suit.

  29. UNIQ Tailors on Bathurst!!
    go in on tuesdays and fridays (thats when the tailor is on-site)
    simply the best craftsmanship.. and pretty reasonable pricing..
    i get all my suits done with him.

  30. Agreed. Visit Habib at UNIQ Tailors. He’s a great person to have a conversation with and will provide you with very helpful advice on fitting. The thing that through me off was their pricing, I don’t know why they don’t charge more. I’ve been going to tailor shops up the street in forest hill and Uniq Tailors works is the same if not better, but WAY more affordable.

  31. The best tailor in Toronto is Jean-Paul. He does true custom “bespoke” tailoring the old fashione Italian way, although he is a master at the technique, fitting and finding the materials that you need to feel and look like a million.
    Jean-Paul can create anything and he really appreciates having a client that is not afraid of style and colours.
    He is located at 162 Davenport Road – just north of Yorkville – Toronto’s trendy area and you can look him up on the internet under JEAN-PAUL LO GIACCO.

  32. Habib! Toronto’s finest. VIP Tailor on Harbord is must visit. For certain he will make you stand out from everyone in the room. But ofcourse, don’t go and tell all your friends, just keep it our secret…

  33. HABIB is the man!
    you can find him at one of his shops on Bathurst.
    Don’t trust anyone else with my stuff besides him.

  34. Jean-Paul has been creating my clothes, including business suits, odd jackets, trousers and even neck wear and vests for more than thirty years. Even while living in Bermuda for more than nine years from 1993 to 2002, I made it a point to come to Toronto each spring and fall to meet with Jean Paul to fill in the gaps in my wardrobe. Jean-Paul is a master of his craft and I highly recommend him.
    162 Davenport Road, 2nd Floor, Toronto.
    Call (416) 925-9799.

  35. toronto finest, well experienced, professional and most important to me, friendliest tailor my city of Toronto, Habib Nouri.  You can find him in his small little shop on Harbord (416) 535-4887

  36. A little out of the way. Fine a lot out of the way in Cambridge, ON is a wonderful tailor by the name of Camilla who works at Stars Men’s Shops in the Cambridge Centre.

  37. what are Habib and Jean-Paul’s prices like?

    I know this is broad but ranges would do, or if you have specifics, that would be awesome too.

  38. I don’t know who Jean-Paul is but Habib’s prices are actually too cheap for the quality of work i received from me, that’s my opinion of the prices. I don’t know the details, all I can remember are his dry cleaning deals, which saved me quite a bit of money.

  39. There are always a handful or less of the best tailors in most major cities in the world that have high standards of the craft and the clientele that appreciate it and can afford it. I am such a tailor and I apprenticed in my youth with the best. I am also a designer and pattern maker. Over the years working with exclusive clients, film , television and theatre have given me a dimension that few other tailors in the world can compare. I am also an image consultant and besides making the best hand-taiored ( BESPOKE) suits I also do the finest custom-tailored shirts. My fabrics are all European and my expertise in cutting and fitting will give you a creation and look like no other. Individual style is what dressing is all about. Being fashionable but not following the fads. If you are really interested in finding one of the best tailors go to the workshop on the premises and spend some time to see how the work is done and see what clientele the tailor has and then you can be a better judge.

  40. I have worked with jean-paul and no doubt that he is a good tailor, but for me its too expensive, i agree with most of the comments here that point towards Habib. Who offers a very similar finished product to jean-paul for a fraction of the price. He is a humble man who operates closer to the west side of the city, near little italy.
    (416) 535-4887
    I recommend a lot of my friends to him.

  41. This post makes me laugh. I don’t think you are talking about who is the best tailor or about tailor’s at all for that matter. You are talking about alteration people and dry cleaners. The question it seems you are really asking is who does the best alterations for the cheapest price. This has nothing to do with the art of tailoring/sartoria or the concept of who/what is the best. Sadly fine tailoring is not for this society of mass consumption and keeping with the Jones. It is for someone who knows what he wants today, tomorrow, and ten years from now. It is for someone who takes his time now to not waste his time tomorrow. The best tailor in Toronto is found on Bloor St. W in Yorkville. He is not found in a mass market retail store and he doesn’t wear down puff jackets in the winter. When you are something you don’t talk. If you had money you would not go around telling people you did. I encourage people to visit Mr. Jean Paul’s website and store and ask yourself if that is what you would like to look like. Beautiful clothing is so few and far between nobody knows what it is anymore. A fool will believe every word from a street magician. The emperor is always naked. Even the wealthy have followed the mass and worshiped labels over labour. In our society everyone is middle class and nobody knows any different. Ask you favourite tailor what is spalla insalata or show me a milanese/pearl finish buttonhole on an in house garment. Good tailoring is not about being the “best” . It is about love. Love of beauty, craft, truth, and labour. It is not gimme ten bucks and i’ll take your jacket in an inch. Sadly, the poser of the question in this thread is so badly misinformed the answer he seeks does not fit the question he asks. Nobody cares who or what is the best anyway. Love life and be happy.

  42. I needed a suit for my job interview, but I am quite tiny so I was not able to find one off the rack, and most tailoring shops I originally found are just way too expensive. My wedding photographer suggested this tailor called LUXE COLLECTION (www.luxecollection.ca) to me, they do true bespoke suits from scratch, not the made-to-measure ones (I had a made-to-measure one before, but since it’s not bespoke from scratch, the fitting was quite disappointing). I bought my suit for $349, which came with free options like handcrafted stitching, customized lining and working cuffs. They even gave my husband a free tie! While we didn’t need one, their men’s tailored suits are only $399 which I found very reasonable.

  43. Habib is a very fine tailor, althought he doesn’t actually creates suits from scratch anymore for customers he alters my suits with an amazing finish. Makes it appear and feel like a different suit all together.

    344 Harbord St.
    Toronto, ON

  44. Ive never heard of this “Habib” everyone is raving about but i will be sure to give him a visit. So far I’ve been going to missisauga because its closer to me, i visit a guy name francesco. He’s not bad prices are fair and he gets simple things done me. He is located in the plaza on lakeshore blvd and winston churchill.

  45. I came across this blog in search for a good Tailor. I figured that I would go to “The Best” (or at least as best as I could afford). Well, as you can see, the majority of people that have posted either recommend Habib or Jean-Paul, so I decided to try both of them and there is a world of difference.

    I went to Habib first for some alterations to a pair of pants. As stated, he seems to be a very nice person, his service is fairly quick and at a very low cost. It appeared to me, however, a dry cleaning place that also does alterations and I was a little disturbed when he asked me if the hem was high or low enough. Now I understand that fashion is ultimately a matter of personal preference, but when going to a Tailor, I am looking for their expert opinion on what changes should be made. I put on the pants, he pinned the hem and I picked them up a few days later. I was in no way displeased with the work, but didn’t walk away feeling assured that I had made the correct garment choice and that the alterations done would bring out its best.

    I decided to take a suit to Jean-Paul for alterations. It was a totally different experience. When you walk in…..it IS a Tailor’s shop. Just like Habib, Jean-Paul seems to be a very nice individual but I cannot comment on the speed and cost of his work (with very good reason). I put on the suit and right away you could see Jean-Paul scanning every aspect of it. I asked him for his honest opinion of the suit and he was honest…..it wasn’t that great. He didn’t say it in a condescending manner, but instead followed it up with obvious facts. The seams on the sleeves were too noticeable; the shoulders too wide, the area around the abdomen would need taking in etc. After a short discussion in which he enlightened me to more details about garment fitting than I could have imagined, I removed the jacket and the analysis continued. He commented on the type of shirt I should wear (since my slightly sloping shoulders and thicker than average neck requires a different collar and build than someone of a different body form) and on the front and rear rise of my pants (which explained why my pants never had the desired appearance). Now to most (myself included) these little intricate details are probably unknown and of little importance. But it’s those intricate little details that ultimately define the quality of the clothes that we wear.

    Now I said that I could not comment on Jean-Paul’s prices or how fast his turnaround time is. This is because he was kind enough not only to let me know that, even though they could have been done, the cost of the alterations would probably not be warranted considering the cost of the suit itself (not it wasn’t $199 ). He even went further and recommended places that produce good quality suits within my budget constraints.

    To Sum it up, Habib may in fact be a very good Tailor. But it was the experience with Jean-Paul that had me walking out knowing that when I decide to have a garment altered or made, that not only will I be leaving with a fine quality garment, but more importantly, the expertise and meticulousness that will make it shine. I cannot say that he is “The Best” but upon our first meeting, I could tell he is indeed Excellent (and my future Tailor).

    I hope this provides the type of answer for someone else that I myself was searching for.


  46. The question is impossible to answer. I have worked in the clothing business all my life and have worked with almost every reputable tailor in the City. From the House of Lou Miles to Ritchie Rubinoff. If you’re from the industry, you’ll know the name ? The question is problematic. It’s like asking who’s the best painter in the CIty? Tailoring is part art, part science and part fantasy. Some tailors are very good at one aspect, and not so good at the others (eg. Customer service). I know a tailor who works very hard at creating a wonderful garment. The problem is, he’s a perfectionist and his work isn’t always perfect. Sometimes the harder he tries, the worse the garment becomes. I don’t always have time for 4 or maybe 5 fittings to reach perfection. Which leads me to my last point. Much of what the tailor produces is dependent on the materials he uses and the person he’s working with. I’m not speaking about Fabric here alone. Canvass, shoulder pads, lining; all of these make a huge difference to the quality of the product and (most importantly perhaps) it’s final appearance. The ability to hold its shape over time is another question.

  47. I wanted to comment on this blurb by Sam. There are still a few good tailors around and unfortunately it comes at a time that people are looking for a Bespoke – Hand Tailored suit that is done on the premises by the tailor and possibly a couple of assistants. The fabrics are extremely important and today it’s more difficult because the fabrics are much more lighter and don’t have much body and are more difficult to mold with the iron as pure wool in a medium or heavier weight would be. You should not have a suit lighter than 8 or 9 oz for the summer and for fall and winter in Canada you should be buying one in a 10 to 13 oz.
    The cut of the suit is extremely important and as I do for every client, I cut the paper pattern once I take the measurements of the client and have done a full analysis of his posture, frame, shoulder slope, muscle development or inefficiencies. It is up to me to make the client not only look his best, but also feel his best. Comfort, style and up to date fashion are extremely important as are the right proportions and design. In a true bespoke suit, the surgeons cuffs ( button-holes on the sleeves ) as well as the front button-holes and lapel should be hand-made and with silk thread for that elegance and beauty. The choice of buttons is extremely important , especilally in a Sports Jacket, TopCoat or Blazer

  48. Following up on comments here, I took some items to Habib on Harbord. I don’t know how people got on with him so well, but in my experience he was TERRIBLE!

    He’s a very friendly guy, which I suspect may have something to do with the reviews. During my visits, he repeated two things several times: That his work is guaranteed, and if I’m not satisfied he’ll fix the problem; and that he used to work at Harry Rosen. I discovered that the former statement was a bait and switch type deal, because upon the first attempt at correcting pretty severe mistakes in his work, he announced that he would be charging for further corrections. Regarding the second statement, I start to speculate why he NO LONGER works at Harry Rosen. Fired, perhaps?

    Habib’s standard of work is, in my opinion, very low. He doesn’t open seams, re-sew, and finish the edges; but rather sews over existing seams. Of the three shirts I brought to him, all three were altered so poorly they were unwearable — two of them far too tight, and one of them spectacularly twisted and with large (2″ deep and 4″ long) uneven bumps in the seam line. These problems weren’t present at the time of pinning; the sewing was the issue. When I brought them back to have the work corrected, Habib blamed me for being too picky and announced that his former guarantee of satisfaction now had a price tag.

    Upon the second sewing, two of the shirts are satisfactory; but he used the same, contrasting, thread on all three shirts. (No doubt he’s using the same thread for several items to save on his time and effort.) If the seams open the slightest, as they may do with wear, the odd coloured thread will show. The third shirt still exhibits a twist, so that the buttons don’t line up vertically, and the hideous deformations in the side seams remain. Finally, Habib’s sewing machine can’t even perform a tight zigzag for a sleeve buttonhole.

    I’m sorry, the tailor’s smiling face is not backed up with quality or integrity.

  49. Well well, it looks like it’s a showdown between Habib from uniq tailors and Jean Paul from yorkville. I have yet to try either of them out.

  50. Jean Paul.

    After reading all the posts on this website, I decided to take my suit to Jean Paul and have him take a look. I was impressed from the first phone call. JP understood my concerns and was very flexible with the timing of our appointment. Once he saw the suit, he knew exactly what could be and should be done. Also very important, JP listened to my personal tastes.

    I am 30, and I prefer a more classical contemporary style. I have an athletic build, so I appreciate the snugger fit of modern day suits, but I also like the comfort of a slightly roomier fit. (Yes, I have been to Garrisons. I may get a suit made by them someday. The boys at Garrisons are impressive, I admit.)

    Yes, the cost of the work was a small fortune (~$300 including taxes), but I was prepared to pay a premium to be sure that my suit would be in the hands of an expert. The thought of having my suit ruined is worse for me.

    I picked up my altered suit yesterday. I had the jacket taken in at the waist, sleeves shortened, the top button shifted, pants seat adjusted and pants length shortened. When I put on the suit, I knew the work was done well. The jacket had that sweet feeling to it. I am extremely happy with JP’s work.

    I’m hoping that this experience is the start of a good relationship with that elusive, thoughtful and considerate tailor that we are all looking for.

    I am definitely getting a MTM suit from JP in the next 8-9 months.

    Just as other posters have said, JP not only offers quality workmanship, but also a completely positive experience.

    JP is the real deal.

  51. I think John Paul is too expensive, like unnecessarily expensive. I only receive very minor and easy alterations to my suit, and the bill came up to almost $150! Don’t get me wrong the “experience” was nice but the price tag just washed that out the window. I’m still looking for a good tailor that is not ridiculously expensive, all I care about is looking great in my clothes, nothing more. I’m thinking of giving this Habib a shot, will post a review after I take something to him, a friend recommend him years back, but I didn’t pay any mind to it. Now after reading some of these reviews I’m starting to feel I should have took action when I was referred to him earlier on. As well as this carusso on danforth, I’ve never heard of him and he is far from downtown, but I don’t mind giving him a try.

  52. I take my things to Habib all the time and very happy with the finish. I have developed a strong relationship with him over the past couple years, like many say he is a really humble man and takes pride in his work. But there have been instances where he wasn’t able to do a job for me, according to him he said it wouldn’t look professionally done if i do work on that and he guaranteed me nobody else would be able to do it for the price he gave because it would required many many hours for such a small alter. So i trusted him and left it as it was. It seems to me Habib only does work that he can “guarantee” as he likes to say, work that he stands behind. Anyways i didn’t come here to praise my tailor Habib like others on this post but simply to let u guys know that i do trust him with mine and my wife’s garments. Good Day.


    On a recommendation I went to Habib on Harbord for some alerations. I was glad to hear that he guaranteed his work. When I received my shirts back, I found that he had savaged the side seams of one in bulging lines, took another in too much (although he was the one who pinned the shirt), and used the same colored thread in different colored shirts. A zipper installation was also crooked and had loose flaps showing. Upon pointing out the errors and plain laziness of the work, I was told that I would have to pay for corrections — he wasn’t standing by his guarantee.

    Habib is the worst tailor I’ve ever encountered, and a shady businessman to boot.

    • I don’t think he’s the best in the city but he is up there. But definitely far from the worst my friend.

  54. I went to habib on Harbord…wanted a shirt taken in. He pinned it. i got it back with huge lumps in the seams, as well as an overall awkward fit. He said it was because he didnt cut the inner seam, so he proceeded to do that. It got rid of the bumps, the fit is so awkward ,its wearable, but it was a $300 shirt and isnt perfect now. I didn’t really understand why a tailor would mess up a shirt so bad, its a simple procedure that he “guarrenteed” which is meaningless since he wont replace the shirt. I also specified that I was really picky and he should turn down the job if there was a chance the shirt would be messed up, but he seemed so confidant that I agreed to let him do it. Now the shirt is ruined. I still wear it on principal that I can’t afford to junk a $300 shirt (it was a gift) but Habib still ruined it, and by cutting the seams, he made sure his mistakes weren’t repairable…

    I thought about going back to tell him about all this, but i figured whats the point…

  55. I just used a new tailor located at davisville and yonge. His name is Gio and he is comes from Eastern Europe. I have been to many other tailors and have finally found someone who understands clothes. He does custom suits and shirts along with alterations out of his home so he is not expensive. He learned from a tailor who worked on Seville Row in London. I almost dont want to share this guy because right now he isnt busy because he is new. It wont last long.

  56. I went to Habib on Harbord because of the rave reviews from this website. I just recently saw the negative comments about Habib just now and thought I would add my own opinion.From going into the store it wasn’t as though it felt like an top notch tailor shop. They did do dry cleaning on the side which I have been taking my things to for years I just had my own special tailor from Italy who only served very few clients. Sadly he has recently retired and doesn’t work any more, he in fact suggested Habib to me initially and then I did some investigating on the net before I trusted him with my precious clothes. I decided to take a very old and suit of mine in for tailoring that wasn’t even salvageable to me any more (was seriously considering donating it to Value Village). I took it in to see what could be done to it. I approach Habib in a very unwelcoming manner because I was upset that I had lost my tailor. I was side tracked by his innocent smile and his friendly manner, half way through I tried to stay focused on task because this could potentially be my new personal tailor. So I was very observant with everything he did. It seemed he had been doing this for a very long time similar to my old tailor but I wanted to wait and let the finished result speak for themselves. All in all the suit came back beautifully finished. This sounds a bit cliche but it honestly felt like a totally different suit the blazer especially! turn it from a classic-size to big fit, to a form fitted “made to measure” as he calls it, attractive suit.I also had a old baggy shirt taken in as well after my first encounter, and contrary to the previous persons comments it was exceptionally done although this one didn’t feel like a totally new shirt but it if fitted perfectly to my body and wearable again. I highly recommended him to my family and select few friends but I haven’t followed up if they have used him. Although my sister had 4 of her dresses totally redesigned and she loves it. I am very great full for finding a replaceable tailor like Habib without hurting my pocket. He in fact was a bit less expensive than my previous tailor.I hope this very limited review adds to others hoping to find the right tailor for themselves in the city of Toronto, fashion capital if you ask me

  57. Habib on Harbord is the man! Transformed my mothers dress to suit me, its fabulous! Have been going to him for 7 years and counting.

  58. I had used this site when I was reviewing tailors that I would visit for my wedding suit.  I checked out Habib and Jean-Paul (as many of the below had as well).  I ended up using Suits in the City for my wedding suit and for the 6 groomsmen in my wedding party.  All 7 of us were thrilled with the finished products!  I would certainly look these guys up if you are looking for a new custom suit!

  59. Who and where can I find Habib? Please respond! I need to get a couple of my favorite dresses altered, I lost weight 🙂

    • I also want to give this Habib that everyone has been raving about, a try. Will write my review after i do so.

  60. Habib on Harbor welcomed me with a smile. I took him a jacket that needed the liner replaced. He said that his work was guaranteed, asked me to pay and I did. That was my mistake. Upon returning the seams were crooked and knotted. The work was a joke, I drew his attention to the seam on the bottom of the jacket which held down the inner liner. Instead of doing this stitch by hand he had put it through the machine resulting in a fully visible crooked, off color stitch along the outside of jacket. I said that his work needed to be redone and he complained to me that if I didn’t like seeing that seam on the outside of my jacket than he would have to sew it by hand. Isn’t that what I am paying for in the first place. It doesn’t matter to me if you have to stand on your head to pull off a decent job. After the work was fixed there were still numerous problems with the liner but I cut my losses. Never again.

  61. I was always pleased with the work of KT CHUI “master tailor” at Broadview / Danforth.  Sadly, he has closed his doors after many years of business.  Which is why I’m looking for a new tailor.  

  62. where is Lou Myles… The man had made suits for everybody from Ali to Obama, and made the Green Jackets for Masters tourney winners, why isn’t he mentioned herein? That is disappointing…

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