Mental Health

Fighting With Spouse Greatly Affects Men’s Health

If you and your spouse fight a lot, it could cause some serious health problems. A preliminary study from the Universities of Nevada and Michigan found that persistent marital conflict can be as bad as smoking and drinking. Researchers examined 373 heterosexual couples over the course of 16 years. Participants revealed whether … Read More

Kate Spade Anthony Bourdain

Spade, Bourdain, And The Tragedy of Celebrity Suicides

The amount of celebrity suicides this year has been tragically problematic, and equally mysterious. Eerily just days apart in June, fashion designer Kate Spade and world-renowned chef Anthony Bourdain were found dead by apparent suicide. Friends and family close to Bourdain and Spade kept emphasizing how happy and normal the … Read More

Will Joyce – How To Come Back A Better Man After Testicular Cancer

Will Joyce had gotten involved with Movember years before their issues hit close to home. He was a philanthropic coordinator at a university, and would recruit volunteers. But he never really understood the true power of the organization until his diagnosis. Will was diagnosed with third stage testicular cancer in … Read More

Movember’s Mitch Hermansen Talks Men’s Mental Health

Today we sat down with Mitch Hermansen, Director of Development for the non-profit Movember foundation. The Movember foundation focuses on men’s health – it originally started with a focus on prostate cancer and while it always approached issues in a holistic manner, in the past few years, its taken more … Read More

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