5 Ways to Stay Warm This Winter

Baby, it’s cold outside, so I’m sure you’re finding ways to stay warm. In fact, I’m guessing that as the temperatures drop outside, you’re finding ways to rev up your libido. Actually, I’m not guessing at all; I know so. According to a study published last year, men actually want more sex in the wintertime. Sure, sex is a great way to stay toasty, but, then again, so is a steaming cup of hot chocolate. And you know how much women love their chocolate. How much? Another study showed that one in five women would give up sex for chocolate.

So, how do you beat those odds and heat up your love life? I enlisted Ohhh Canada’s Katrina McKay, sexpert extraordinaire, to help you and your lover stay warm in the winter.

Get Snuggly

With shorter days and dipping temperatures, nothing seems more appealing than staying underneath the covers. Instead of turning on Netflix, though, McKay suggests turning on your partner. “When temperatures dip below zero, we have an excellent excuse to stay in on date night to watch movies and “cuddle” under the covers . . . and by cuddle I mean lots of foreplay and lots of sex,” says McKay. To prep for a sexy night in, ensure you have plenty of blankets and comfy pillows, plus “lots of snacks for sustenance between rounds,” McKay says. “Sex marathons are best scheduled when you can sleep in the next day—so plan accordingly! Bonus points if you have a plan (and the groceries) to make her a hearty brunch the next day.”

Get Touchy-Feely

Massages are an awesome way to connect with your partner: touch instantly bonds you and with the winter blues in full swing, everyone could use a moment (okay, an hour) of rest and relaxation. Except there won’t be any resting in this scenario. McKay suggests warming up with massage oil candles. “Not only do they provide soft light, ambiance, and fragrance, the resulting warm oil will heat things up in more ways than one,” she says. The candle provides a great massaging oil that will keep both of you hot and bothered for hours.

Get Heated

. . . In the best way possible, of course. Cold hands and feet are such a turn-off (mostly because, well, they’re cold and remind us of death), so McKay suggests using “a space heater to warm up the bedroom for ten minutes before stripping down.” (The idea was suggested to her via a fellow Redditor, Turbodeth). This way you might both be raring to go without much of a warm-up (a.k.a. foreplay).

Get Naughty

Yes, I know: “naughty” is the whole point of this article. But, feeling naughty like a teenager is totally different, and totally hot. So, what to do? McKay suggests doing what the kids do: dry hump. “You can also use the cold as an excuse to have sex with your clothes on,” she says. “While skin-on-skin is wonderful, clothing-on sex can feel exciting and novel. You can even role-play that you’re naughty teenagers worried about getting caught.” Jean friction never sounded so good.

Get Tingly

If you’re looking for some downtown action (and, frankly, when are you not looking for a woman to take a nap in your lap?), then McKay recommends that you and your partner turn to mint in order to, erm, freshen things up. “Heat up your oral play with a cup of hot mint tea,” she says. “A small mouthful of warm, unsweetened mint tea during oral (giving or receiving) is tingly and warm and adds a new pleasurable dimension.”

That’s something we can all drink to. Bottoms up!

Brianne Hogan is a freelance writer based in Toronto, something of a humorist, and considers herself more Bridget Jones than Samantha Jones. Though she won’t reveal which parts, she will admit to liking emotionally unavailable men and drinking lots of wine.  You can follow her on Twitter  @briannehogan.
Photo courtesy of flickr.

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