A Guide to Summer Flings

With the shedding of clothing and inhibitions, summer evokes spontaneity, and girls everywhere are hoping for a fun romance to last – at least until Labour Day. But not every summer fling is created equal. Here are four to consider. Just be sure to strike while the ladies are hot.

The Neighbour: With the winter chill thawed, the neighbour you only glimpsed through the shroud of a parka is suddenly a hot babe in tiny shorts. Your sleepovers will be tantalizingly convenient, booty calls as easy as borrowing eggs.
The Catch: Definite and routine awkwardness, alleviated only by moving.

The Rebounder: In the wake of spring breakup season, she’s newly single and wants to spend the long summer nights sleeping with you (or whomever, really) as a boost to her ego and antidote to her pain. Expect to be treated like a piece of meat – in a good way.
The Catch: She may drop you at any moment to reconcile with the ex.

The Foreigner: She’s visiting your city and craves an authentic cultural experience. Embrace the role of ambassador by showing her some Canadian hospitality – and teaching her those words she won’t learn at language school.
The Catch: Good chance she has a boyfriend back home.

The Friend: You swear it’s all platonic – until you get drunk at the cottage and go skinny-dipping. There’s nothing like the trinity of heat, booze and nudity to make you forget about that whole let’s-not-ruin-the-friendship thing.
The Catch: You’ll probably ruin the friendship.

Image courtesy of Karpov the Wrecked Train.

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