Deck With Muskokoa Chair

Ontario Cottage Travel Tips

As the temperatures heat up, many urbanites flock to cottages and campsites to escape the steamy confines of the city. Before you head off to your own lakeside Shangri-la, it’s best to take a few steps of preparation and potentially avoid a massive headache. The first question you need to … Read More

Cottage Colab Toques

Last winter, we were smitten (or, you know, something more masculine) with these City of Neighbourhood toques. This year, we’re happy that the people responsible, Tuck Shop Trading Co., is collaborating with Norquay, makers of fine paddles, for these cottage country toques ($35 each).  

Ontario’s Almaguin Highlands

Whatever your stance on climate change, there’s no debating that Ontario’s winter has been curiously mild this year. For some Canadians, no doubt, snowless streets are a delight; still, for those who have grown accustomed, or even attached, to four true seasons, the warmer weather stifles a deeply ingrained cycle … Read More

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