Calgary’s 2012 Bachelor Party Primer

Yes, wedding season is upon us, which also means bachelor party season is here. It’s a trade-off — sitting in an uncomfortable suit for a 98-minute wedding ceremony in an unventilated church is your punishment for a day of stag debauchery. If you’ve been tasked with organizing this wild (and … Read More

Places to Tie the Knot in Calgary

Whether you got down on one knee at McMahon Stadium in front of 37,000 Stamps fans or snuck the ring into your partner’s Diet Pepsi last night at the drive-thru — for you the hard part is over. With the potentially soul-crushing response working out in your favour, now all … Read More

Montreal Wedding Ceremonies: Non-Churches

A wedding is a wedding is a wedding. Sure, someone might have a few things to say about the flower arrangements but, really, top priority after the getting hitched part involves ensuring that the food/drink and entertainment components go off hitchless. When you can’t rely on Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn to complete … Read More

Five Boring Parties You Must Attend With Her

The other weekend, I attended a friend’s wedding with a girl friend as my sort-of-date. She’s single, I’m not so much, but I felt merciful and told my partner to stay home — he didn’t really know the couple and had other obligations that weekend. I had a blast and … Read More

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