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We at DailyXY are no strangers to Scotch. We’ve tossed back more than our fair share of whisky – the generic catch-all that includes bourbons, ryes, Canadians, blended Scotch, single malts – whatever the poison, we’ve sampled it.  But we still have much to learn.

So when the folks at Chivas offered to host a tasting for us, we couldn’t say no. Now we’re pleased to extend the invite to you, our loyal readers, for a one-of-a-kind opportunity to distill your Scotch knowledge on the house.

On Thursday, May 24 join DailyXY for an exclusive Scotch tasting event at Roots’ flagship store at 100 Bloor St. West. We’re excited to bring together the heritage of Chivas Scotch with the tradition of Roots genuine leather. The two have more in common than you might think: The historic leather tanneries frequented by Roots often employ similar barrel-ageing techniques to their leathers as Scotch producers do to create their masterful blends.

In addition to sampling Chivas and discovering the finer points of Scotch, guests will also enjoy a preview of the latest leather collection from one of Canada’s best-loved brands and take-home a limited-edition leather handcrafed toiletries case.  Roots is also offering guests an additional 25% off all purchases made in store that night.

Space is limited! The first 50 people to RSVP by clicking here are guaranteed access.

What: An exclusive DailyXY Scotch-tasting event featuring Chivas Regal
Where: Roots 100 Bloor St. W.
When: Thursday, May 24 from 7 p.m. – 10 p.m.

Scotch 101
The word whisky derives from a Gaelic word that means “water of life.”

The “angel’s share” is the small percentage of whisky that evaporates each year as it ages in the barrel.

Officially, Scotch comes only from Scotland. And only Scotch whisky is spelled without the “e,” if you ask the Scots. Many Canadians who spell whisky without the “e” as well.

Adding a splash of water isn’t a bad thing. It opens up the whisky, enhancing the aromas and flavors. Twenty percent or less is a good amount, and it should always be distilled spring water, never tap.

By law, scotch whisky must be aged for a minimum of three years in an oak cask.

Whisky facts by Chivas 1801.

Image courtesy of Chivas.


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