Every Online Dater is a Liar

So, ready to sign up to one of those dating websites that keep getting shilled on TV? We aren’t going to stop you, but you might want to remember what they say about an ounce of caution.

A study published in the Journal of Communication found that 81% of people are lying about their looks in online dating ads. A researcher in New York interviewed online daters and compared their height, weight, and age as measured against their online dating profiles. She found that 81% were lying. Women were an average of 8.5 pounds heavier in real life than in their dating profiles. Men, on the other hand, tended to be only two pounds fatter in real life (on average), but also tended to add an inch to their height. Age tended to be the thing least lied about, since you can presumably forget or round your weight and height a little—it’s a bit harder to forget your age.

That said, a previous study by the same researcher found that people tended to use old photographs in online dating profiles. On average, men were using pictures six months old, and women were using pictures more than a year and a half old. Which provokes the question—why? Shortage of pictures sure isn’t the answer—seems like everyone is taking thousands of selfies per minute at every damn concert.

The point is: be wary. And remember, she’ll be looking out for your terrible lies too.



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