How to Make It Work, Again

Sometimes, a breakup isn’t really a breakup. (In that case, of course, it’s a fakeup.) When you do get back together, making it work isn’t quite so simple; the rules, in some sense, have changed. Here, our tips on how to make the second round of your relationship count.

Drop It
Have one candid discussion about what went wrong in your relationship and then let it go. Even if she (or you) cheated, you can’t hold it over her head forever — or even mention it again. Remember, it’s your choice to get back together.

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell
If, while you and your girl were broken up, you asked out that girl at the gym and went on a bender with the boys, don’t mention it. She doesn’t want to hear about your rebound exploits and you don’t want to hear about hers.

Take It Slow
If you were living together, don’t shack up again right away. If you were hanging out every night, try weekends only.

Switch It Up
Often relationships break down because they’re downright boring. Don’t fall back into your same-old, same-old routine of movie night, dinner out, hockey game, repeat. Spice it up by trying something new together.

Listen Up
If you tuned her out when she was “attacking” you in arguments, now’s the time to jog your memory and consider what she said. Did she accuse you of being a selfish lover? Surprise her with your attentiveness in bed. Did she call you a slob? Clean up before she spends the night.

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  1. I like how in all of her articles, it always ends up being the guy’s fault for everything. Women never do the wrong thing, right?

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